Daily cost of living / time till financially independent

Two ideas

Daily cost of living in top bar next to balance - Monzo adds up all your outgoings and tells you how much it costs per day, week, month, year. Then displays what’s left to spend.

Time till financially independent status linked to future Monzo savings account. Financial independence being an lump sum of money that the interest/withdrawal rate provides an income equal to your cost of living. Not a pension but similar. Early retirement extreme. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Early-Retirement-Extreme-Philosophical-Independence/dp/145360121X

Just a thought


What a dreamy way to live! :heart_eyes: We haven’t got any plans to offer separate savings accounts in the future but once we develop the marketplace platform in years to come maybe we could link to a savings account provider to do something like this?


Rory - thanks for that link. I ordered it from Amazon and it’s a fascinating book. It certainly makes you think!

You’re welcome
I wish I had read it 20 years ago