Custom Category Creation

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Thank God it’s not a confusing mess.

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I’m so confused. Merging threads works but now this is just all out of whack and order…

I’ll go make a coffee to get my head around it :joy:

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Got anything stronger, coffee’s not going to do it :exploding_head:

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Sorry, I agree it is a mess,

There were a number of topics all about the same subject so I thought it may be best to merge (Not the best choice).
I’ve made some changes to keep it in chronological order as best I can.
I’ll have a chat with the rest of the Coral Crew on how to manage fragmented topics in future.

No more merging :no_good_man:

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Totally agree about renaming categories, especially in the world of joint accounts where you need both people to know what means what.


Definitely need to have custom categories, also there should be some additional categories that are missing like lifestyle or leisure etc

(Nathan) #571

Unfortunately I expect Monzo to double down and blankly refuse to give us Custom Categories.

Even though id say this would be up there in the top 5? requested features they just refuse to do this it seems.


So I had a little Twitter exchange with the Monzo team and mentioned that perhaps we could all ask for a few more categories, the Monzo team can collate the responses and then we can all take a vote and maybe the top 3 get added? I’m still in favour of custom categories but I can imagine that it can get messy to maintain…

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Honestly I think subcategories are the way to go to resolve this for example:

With no change to how they currently work auto-categorisation we could have Entertainment sub categories for dates, drinks etc.

Gives us flexibility without wrecking their logic?


Yeah this is a good point. I like the idea of sub categories personally and I think that this might help alleviate some of the need to have additional categories.


Or create spending analytics for tags, so they can act as secondary categories.

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I would love a new category to split up my spending. A pub/drinking category would be great to separate entertainment up a bit more. Or maybe a sports category

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hi @s-beats I’ve moved your post here to a list of ongoing discussion about custom categories.

Hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:


hi @Jackcrwhitney, I know that moving new threads/posts about custom categories into this one makes total sense but every time one of the Coral Crew does I see that new post counter and it gets my hopes up that there might be some news about custom categories.:partying_face:

But then I open it and its just more people asking why we can’t have custom categories :disappointed_relieved:

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It would be great to be able to create your own budget categories.

This would allow for anything that doesn’t fall into the pre-defined categories to be allocated manually as required.

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Can we create our own categories/can you guys make a coffee category and a gifts one? Would make it easier to categorise spending in our household :slight_smile:

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Come on charity category where are you!!!

(Nathan) #582

I feel like custom categories would be a real distinguisher (is that a word?) in terms of budgeting.

None of the other banks or aggregator apps do this and i feel if monzo did this it could be a real game changer and draw in alot of new customers

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With Christmas coming up I’m finding myself buying gifts for people and am unsure what category to put them in as they do not apply to any of them. All of the current categories imply that I am spending the money on myself which means at the end of the month I am manually minusing all the gifts from each of the transactions. it would therefore be really helpful to have a gifts category on the app.