Custom Category Creation



(Mark Dunne) #525

For me personal care is for things like hair cuts, grooming products, skin care etc. I wouldn’t class things for the two pooches under that same category?

Perhaps allowing people to create their own categories would be better as everyone is different?


This has been argued about for a while and Monzo have consistently said wont happen as they wont be able to auto categories spending if everyone has different categories

(Ben Bristow) #527

Perhaps if they did ‘sub categories’ it could work.

So that they could categorise all payments amongst a ‘master’ category (one of Monzo’s default categories).

(Mike Devonport) #528

+1 here for a ‘Charity’ or ‘Donation’.

I’m new to Monzo and just moving over my DD’s for the full experience, but there is no category for my regular donations and they really do not fit any other category very well.

While we’re on the subject, I’d like a category for ‘Gifts’, such as for purchases of birthday presents which is different from general shopping and donation.

(James Rosen) #529

Yes, fantastic idea! Both Gifts and Charity should be options.

(Mike Burden) #530

Yes please. I’ve just moved my current account to Monzo and without this category have to record any charitable giving as “general”.


I am using general for house and garden purchases at the moment but I also have random items in there such as stamps at the post office and I would put things like dry cleaning under general. There are always items that will not fit so a miscellaneous category is helpful for them.


I would really like to see a Home and Garden category so if we buy plants, pans or towels for our home we can a) budget and b) keep track of spending. I find it hard to use existing categories for this type of expenditure. Tags can easily be used to subdivide. With joint accounts arriving this will be a very useful category.

(Is Santa here yet?) #533

I put those kind of things in general, do you use that category for anything else at the moment?

(Adam Robertson) #534

Credit card - currently under finance but would be nice to separate it


Would anybody else appreciate a category separate to the food and drink one that is just for alcohol? Sometimes I go out and have a drink without food and find it frustrating that I have to add up individually the difference between food and alcohol transactions. This would be especially helpful when trying to budget and reduce consumption!

(Jack) #536

I put drinks under entertainment as it’s socialising with friends.


There are a few additional categories I would like to have, but personally I’m fine with a single category to cover both eating and drinking out. Unfortunately everyone has a different opinion on categories…

(Jack) #538

To add you could use tags to differentiate:

(MikeF) #539

This has come up before so I’ve merged the threads for ease of searching. :slightly_smiling_face:


The only problem with a Drinks category is it includes Coca-Cola, Coffee, Tea, Milk, Smoothies, etc.

For those with addiction problems having a more specific Alcohol category is more useful.

(MikeF) #541

Yes but I feel reality will dictate that every specific case isn’t going to be able to be catered to here. The company can only go so far, surely?

(Jonathon) #542

I’d love it to be honest. Entertainment for me is like movie tickets or concerts or buying a DVD (or your chosen format).

Going out for dinner is also entertainment but it wouldnt go under the same category as buying a DVD. Drinks after work is the same so I do put it under entertainment but it’s not ideal.

(Andy) #543

I tend to put going out for drinks in the eating out category Maybe they should be renamed going out or something