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(Dean C) #381

Why not have a UI option asking the user if they want a Simple UI or Advanced Features UI? Problem solved.

( #382

The custom categories could me stored locally in a parameter file but logically mapped to the current 12 or so categories that are already defined.

Ie I would be given an option to rename ‘shopping’ to ‘Lunch’ but that’s only from the front end user view. The backend database would still have it showing as ‘shopping’.



(Jim) #383

Personally I think I would describe the custom categories more as “tags” .

Quickly tagging spending e.g. “house renovation” (which may fall in multiple categories) seems right. I’d love to be able to easily filter categories by tags then and quickly opens up better spending patterns.

You could use it with Pots too.

(Paul Griffin) #384


I think it would be great if you could change the names of your spending topic to suit.

For example, when I buy items for my pet, I have to save it in general or shopping. It would be nice to adapt the icons/ subject for a more personable shopping experience.

What are your thoughts?

(Gavin Morrison) #385

Like many people here, I live in London and, as a result, my rent is very high. This one monthly payment dominates my spending breakdown, and obfuscates my actual spending on things I can control.

I think having a separate ‘housing’ category to cover rent, mortgages etc. would be useful.



Totally Agree. Emma has a housing category and Starling have a home category. Using them for my mortgages and rent they tend to take up a big chunk of my income :frowning: though I am doing my best to catch up with the eating category :slight_smile:


I woke my cats up laughing at that …

(Filippo) #388

Hi, I propose to add the above mentioned expense categories:

Lunch: well, it is still eating out, but for most people it is not a choice, but an unavoidable expense, so it is not really like eating out
Coffee: similar to lunch. It is eating out but it is a more regular expense over time, so it make sense to have it separated.
Travel: while transport is mainly for city, day-to-day travel expenses, travel would be for flights & co. And travel is not always for holidays…
Salary: well, nothing to explain
Housing: just the rent
Internal transfers: most people have more than one bank account (for now…), so it would make sense to have a dedicated category for the money moved in or out by ourselves

What do you think?


Do you put council tax in housing or in bills?

Do we really need a category for just one expense?

(Anthony Lucas) #390

Definitely. This would be great!

This single £1700 monthly bill will completely screw up my graphs. Aah London :cry:

This is why I haven’t moved it over.

(Nick) #391

Haven’t Monzo said that this is something they will take into account when the roll out the redeveloped version of the Spending tab?

(Excited about Christmas) #392

Agree with @davetmg. All bills, housing or not, are uncontrollable (although some clearly do vary by consumption, before anyone takes that tangent), so why not just put them in Bills, and then you’ll see what you have left?


Currently having salary to legacy account, then transfer that minus rent to Monzo, and have rent come out of legacy. Otherwise everything you said in the first post, and it distorts the pulse graph to make it less usable.

(Miriam Kerbache) #394

For me, as I am not using it as my main bank yet (and if Monzo is hopeful I will) it will have investments, income, tax etc as standard. I agree that bespoke categories would be great, but for now, just more options. I am having a hard time really looking at what I spending because the categories are so vague. Good examples of low hanging fruit would be “Takeaways”, “Eating out”, “Clothes etc” “Nights out”, (big one for me “Coffee”)

(Marion) #395

I came here to see if anyone else is interested in a Health and Wellness (or “Vanity”) category.
A huge proportion of my monthly budget goes to gym or dance classes, my personal trainer or physio therapy/osteopathy. These currently fall under General or Entertainment… which really doesn’t do it justice. Same goes with purchases at Boots/ Superdrug, pharmacies, or beauty appointments like getting nails done or waxing or whatever.
Custom categories would solve this for me, but adding a couple more could also help.


While I don’t get nails done or waxing, I agree it is a good idea for Massage, Chiropractor, Physio, Sauna etc to be categorised together as vanity type treatments, but as for purchases from Boots etc, I would want drugs and supplements, pills and capsules etc categorised separately

(Kevyn) #397

Custom tags to arrange it however you like.


#tags is a good idea :thinking:

(Chris) #399

Hi what I would like is for there to be an ability to set parameters for sub-categories.

For example designate a purchase as “Lunch” regardless of which merchant I buy food from and based on the day and/or time it was bought …

Custom Parameters:
Category = Food
Sub-Category = Lunch
Time = 12pm to 3pm

Create Custom Categories
(Kenny Grant) #400

#tags is a good idea

I’d really rather first class custom categories which I can just edit, so that the breakdown reflects what I want to see, not what Monzo thinks I might want to see. Failing that just give us a lot more options and hide unused ones. The problem with #tags is that they’re useful only for searching, not for making breakdown useful or for export to accounting software.

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