✅ Custom Category Creation

Would be great if we could create some of our own ones. For example I would love to have ‘groceries’ and then ‘the stuff I didn’t need to buy but did and put it under groceries’ basically all my twix bars and coffees. Then I can see how much I spend on rubbish and could be saving. Maybe a ‘wasted money’ category for people like me :joy:


Surprise winner so far - Income is top of the charts! This is an odd category as it’s almost a separate section for some people, and would definitely require user-definable sub-categories for all the different sorts of income people might have - wages, dividends, interest, rent, royalties etc.

For me personally Savings is the one I most want, along with some way to exclude that from spending, as it’s not really spending at all.


It would be nice to have a separate category for fitness/sport and not grouped with health (e.g. medicines, clinic fees, etc.)


Yes, dithered over that. Sounds like people would want a separate category for that. I’d be fine with that - as long as unused categories are not listed in breakdowns, they do no harm.

I realise this has been said many times, but the ability to assign custom categories would be great and extremely useful!

Not too impressed with Monzos insistence that their ability to collect data is more important than the users ability to customise categories.


Interesting to see how far ahead income is here - this is the biggest missing category from my perspective, but I’d be happy to hear anything from Monzo at all on categories and what their plans are.

I’d like to add another voice to the custom categories crowd

We want them!

Perhaps a way to make it easier for everyone is to have customised sub-categories, while keeping the parent categories the same.

I’m not happy with the way Monzo is more interested in collecting data than giving their users a good experience. Do you guys sell this data on? Is this how you make your money? No better than traditional banks if so.


I’d love to see a category or sub-category for Pets :cat:


I would love to see a fuel/petrol category and a hair & beauty category which could be used for any kind of salon appointment/visit - nails/wax/tint etc :slight_smile:


Good idea, I think this probably worthy of a top-level category for those who would use it.

If monzo adopted the idea of not showing categories if a user doesn’t use them, it’d be fine to have some top level ones like this which only certain people used (but those people would use them a lot).

Hoping we see some movement on this from Monzo this year, as their current set of categories and treatment of savings and income is pretty limited.


Definitely looking forward to seeing a “Savings” category. Targets are currently useless until I can properly categorise internal transfers.

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Yes please add customisation options.
You can’t possibly fit the entire humanity spectrum of needs in 10 boxes.
For example I feel pretty disgusted that for all my music and creative spending I have only the choice of ‘Entertainment’ and ‘General’…Duuh

Hopefully subcategories will surface at some point. I could probably work with that instead, especially if they were customizable.

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Apparently a couple of new categories are coming soon, but no custom categories :man_shrugging:

Given the number of users posting about this over a lot of different threads, I think Monzo should reassess their position from a few years ago in light of how people are using their app, and the competitive landscape (most competitors have custom categories, most accounting software allows custom categories) and consider both adding to the current categories and whether it would really be so hard to add custom categories to their UI while keeping it simple for those who have no need for them.

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Was about to say exactly the same!

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Subcategories makes the most sense to me - e.g. rename “eating out” to “food and drink” then have “lunch” “beers” etc. Splitwise does this really well.

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This. Maybe it is, but it’s too early to share?

I’d vote for custom sub-categories, or a revamp of Notes, maybe using hashtags

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Please add the option to add custom categories guys, this seems like the perfect opportunity as you are redesigning anyway :smiley:

If you are trying to implement a good approach to budgeting within the app, which it seems you are, you cannot do that without allowing people to create their own categories. Everybody has different requirements on the categories they use, surely it is more productive for the Monzo team to provide people the flexibility to create their own, whilst you maintain a core set that various spending will fall into (unless they are previously tagged with a custom category). This just seems like an absolute no brainer to me?

Also one for the suggestion box, envelope budgeting would be nice to add whilst doing this as well, just food for thought?.. :smile:


From what I understand the main reason why they’re not giving us custom categories is that they want all users to use the same ones. Up to a point this makes sense. If they can understand and analyse data, they’ll be better equipped to develop a better bank. We’re more likely to see subcategories and/or tags at some point.


This new spending design looks much more sophisticated, I can’t wait for it to land.

I must add though, I want a category for ‘Coffee’!!! :coffee:️ It’s one of the main things I wonder about in terms of spend. Either that, or perhaps some way of automatically hashtagging such spend, so that they can be searched for and a automated cost breakdown (for the week or month for example) be provided.