✅ Custom Category Creation

Yeah personalized categories would be very useful!

Another request here for custom categories :smiley:

I use YNAB (https://www.youneedabudget.com) religiously to track my spending and now that I have the current account preview it would be amazing to be able to use Monzo for the whole lot and skip that step. The categories are good OK at present but without being able to customise them I think they are very restrictive for all but a very small number of users.

Monzo team, please :+1:

To expand on @DominicKing’s comment, all that has to be done is keep the standard set of auto categories and then allow you add your own. That way it should not be any extra work for users :slight_smile:


I second that. Really could with being able to add own categories like ‘B Bank’ app allows you to

Personalized categories or perhaps adding personalized sub-categories to the main ones?

Adding my voice to back a ‘custom category’ feature. Would be great to differentiate between picking up coffee on the way to work and having a night out at a restaurant/bar. So, in a nutshell, perhaps add a “Coffee” category? :stuck_out_tongue:

Like this?

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One for the FAQ?

blah de blah

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What you mean this one?

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Yes exactly. Surely the fact that so many people asking, means it will be a worthwhile update!

The ability to add your own would be great as well.

Would really help with the budgeting! Perhaps, sub headings under “eating out” like “dinner”, “lunch” etc.

Or “beauty”, “clothes” etc in “shopping”

Hi guys

I’d like to suggest a split of the “Shopping” category, to include:

1.Toiletries and
2. Clothing

and a split of the “Groceries” category to include:

  1. Food
  2. Pet Food
  3. Medicine and
  4. Alcohol

Finally, now that current accounts are being rolled out, a breakdown of the “General” category to include:

  1. Rent
  2. Energy (Utility) Bills
  3. Other Rates (Council Tax, Water Rates etc)

thank you!

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This looks like an interesting expansion of Custom Catagories

Although there isn’t a category for “Lunch” specifically; I do believe (and works on my prepaid) that if you search “Lunch” it does come up with transactions around the lunchtime period automatically.

I don’t think its documented anywhere, but it does seem to work! (Can post a screenshot if needed!)


Would it be possible to add a targets subsection or tag for lunches? would be great if spending between 1-2pm would go into its own category

Great find! Also works for ‘breakfast’ and ‘dinner’ :grinning:

Any other hidden search terms available?

This does not work for me…

edit - it does work. Neat hidden feature. It doesn’t auto populate - so you have to press search for it to find results.

brunch, elevenses, supper, nothing seems to work :wink:

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I’m using iOS? :joy:


discussed here way back when :slight_smile:


Well well well… A long time ago. Now I feel very silly.