Custom categories in joint account with monzo plus

I gave up on monzo plus as the custom categories don’t work with joint accounts. Any idea if they have fixed this? Suspect it is a data model problem so not fixable

It doesn’t need to be fixed, it’s not yet possible to apply custom categories. It’s not broken.

I think that is just semantics, one would assume that different types of accounts would have the same functionality. I don’t think it says anywhere in the documentation that this deficiency exists, so by default it could be considered a bug. ie a bug is where it doesn’t fit the description.

But joint accounts aren’t described or referred to as having the ability to have custom categories so it’s also not misleading, or a bug.

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Just because something doesn’t exist doesn’t make it a bug. This is not a bug.

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Well it wasn’t clear that this deficiency existed when I signed up for it. It was reasonable to assume it was the same and being the same is the default specification. A bug is deviation from specification, even if not totally explicit. What else would one assume, that it was completely different? Like I say, it is semantics, you need to understand the customer perspective, I can’t help you if you can’t.

Just read the website for Plus/Premium and can agree it does need to be more transparent.

I believe this is due in time just very slow approach to getting it sorted.