Custom categories for £5 per month

So today I had a notification about custom spend categories, something many people have asked for from the very start in this community ( I for one asked for a category for pets ) was told by monzo them selves at the time that this wasn’t going to happen, but now it’s here !!! Yassssss. BUT have to pay £5 a month to have that feature !!! I mean is that a feature really worthy of allowing only plus account holders to have ?

I do feel monzo are really struggling here with these accounts, hence the big push to get people to pay for them. I feel like the original monzo is very quickly going down the pan :unamused: not a great feeling as I’m also an investor but starting very much to feel like the monzo of today is not the monzo I invested in.


Yes, that’s all you get for £5 per month. Custom categories.

Gosh, Monzo are such swindling rotters.


Me too, but Monzo has to move on as a business, otherwise it’ll disappear. Part of that is to create revenue streams of which Business, Plus and Premium are part of. While I agree Monzo has changed I also agree with the direction it is going.


Couldn’t agree more. I don’t mind paying for features, but not features we thought of! And certainly not features that are available for free elsewhere (like all the other “Plus” features). Edit: Not all other plus features are available for free elsewhere, e.g. Google Sheets Integration.

Leaves a nasty taste in the mouth doesn’t it after having invested.

Did you read all of the info or just pick and choose before moaning here about it?

The search works too btw.

You can keep saying this but it doesn’t make it true.

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All of the info? Pick and choose what?

The plus offering disappointed me, what can I say? I looked at it and just felt like it’s a set of features that are available elsewhere for free (edit: I’ve since been made aware that Google Sheets integration is not available for free elsewhere). If you disagree then by all means correct me (edit: see previous note).

Sorry if I’ve annoyed you :slight_smile:


I know were not supposed to read too much into tone but lets dial the sarcasm back a little if possible folks.

There was a time when you were all newbies too so lets just remember that when making unhelpful and dismissive comments to like minded people who just want to share their thoughts.


I’ll start :slight_smile:

On the connected card front alone this isn’t true because Monzo built their own bespoke integration. Then there’s Google sheets integration which I’m not aware of any other banks offering…

I could continue but that’s enough to prove you can’t get “everything Plus offers for free elsewhere”.

So go and use the custom categories integrated with your bank that you can get elsewhere for free. I don’t see the issue?

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Good post and good point but that is never going to happen.

Connecting to other accounts and overseeing transactions is definitely available from other apps for free. Requiring the behind the scenes implementation to be identical seems like an unnecessary condition when really it’s functionality that matters.

Google sheets stuff can be done via IFTTT unless I’m mistaken (which has happened ;))

I didn’t say it wasn’t. I said you’re not comparing like for like.

Monzo used to have the open banking connection that you’re referring to and it was awful. It didn’t keep balances up to date and accounts kept needing to be reauthorized. Monzo therefore built their own and now they’re going to expand on it to provide features that even the free one doesn’t provide.

If you’re interested to see what is coming shortly have a search on here :slight_smile:

Yep you’re mistaken. All that data isn’t available through IFTTT unfortunately. Furthermore IFTTT recently announced that you’ll need to pay if you want more than 3 applets.

Unfortunately, I can’t accept possible future improvements as a justification for a service when alternatives are available for free today. It’s a hotly contested space, and sure, one day Monzo might create something unique and valuable to me, but right now what can Monzo do here that isn’t available with Money Dashboard for free?

Sounds like I’ll have to concede the Google Sheets functionality isn’t available for free elsewhere! For me though, that’s not worth £5 a month (minus whatever interest is returned on my balance up to £2k).

What’s the done thing, should I go back and edit my posts so that false info is no longer present?

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Sorry for the confusion. My issue with this feature was that it had been requested by the community, not that it was available elsewhere. It doesn’t sit right with me. They could surely have allowed a number for free, with the limit removed for plus?

That’s what I’m trying to explain. Putting aside what is coming soon you’re not comparing like-for-like. I covered this also but you left that bit out of your quote.

There’s no right or wrong per say, we’re just having a discussion so I’d suggest you leave them :slight_smile: Otherwise it wont make sense to anyone else who comes along and wants to read the conversation.

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And whilst you can get most of it elsewhere, some people are happy to pay for everything on one place.

I don’t want to have to check multiple different places and have different accounts. In the same way you don’t do your weekly shop in Tesco but drive to Sainsburys for bread and to Asda for potatoes just to save a few quid. Some people value the convenience.


This seems a pretty harsh stance of agree with us or f off.

As a customer we should all be giving Monzo grief and being demanding.

I can’t see why we need to defend Monzos choices in taking something like custom categories and putting behind a paywall.

If someone said I think that feature should have been free that we were all asking for for years and when we finally got it it’s part of a £5 a month deal, that’s absolutely fine to hold that view. Especially if you don’t value any of the other things in the £5 then it leaves a salty taste.

As a shareholder you might feel different.

Generally thought we need to stop defending Monzo and give em hell where it’s needed, not complacently bend over.

To me the whole Plus has been a bit of a mess. It was ah we need stuff to give it value from the sales team, the devs going well we were about to release credit reports and custom categories and open banking integration for free, and them going great yank those back, add those to the Plus list.


My legacy for example offers the ability to add all of these accounts for free.

But like ive said before if people find value in the current plus/premium then thats good as it adds some runway and subsidises my use

Longterm it would be nice to have some indication as to whats going to be added to the free/plus/premium or how its determined whats going in each.

If the free stream continues to be stale id have some decisions to make in the new year perhaps

Don’t forget virtual cards - you aren’t getting 100 of them a year, from anywhere else, for free (in the UK).

I do wonder whether part of this is not wanting to let the cat out of the bag when it comes to anything innovative/new that they’re wanting to introduce?

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Before you knew it was here you were happy to stay, for free, without custom categories. So don’t buy plus and you’re no worse off.

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