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(Charlie White) #1

Hey guys, love the app at the moment.

I think it would be cool to create your own personal categories for certain purchases- for example I want to track how much I’m spending on nights out, which goes under entertainment, but I’d like a separate category just for nights out.

I think that would be cool! (Also I really need to control my spending on a night out haha).

Also if this also exists I’m sorry, could you tell me how to do it? :joy:



Thanks. This has been suggested before, there are 3 other postings on here on that theme, so your idea does have some support

(Charlie White) #3

Great! Hope to see it soon in the app haha

(Dylan Duffy) #4

This would be really useful! But as above its been suggested a lot- keep an eye on the roadmap. It may appear


(Alex Sherwood) #5

Hey Charlie,

Unfortunately Monzo won’t be adding the option to add custom categories any time soon. They’ve made a deliberate decision to only provide standard categories so that they can share insights with you later on like “users who travel your journey on the train at 8am, rather than 8:30am, save x% per month on transport costs” (by avoiding off peak fares).

Hugo gave a more detailed explanation here -

in the meantime, I add a :beer: to my transactions from nights out which you can search for, to see the number of transactions & amount spent, in the Home tab.

Lastly, just to mention, the categories are being reviewed in a couple of months so if there’s any others that you need, it’s worth mentioning them.

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(Ekaterina Daminova) #6

hashtags may become too messy, agree
However, when I am trying to check how much I am spending on takeways during my office hours, I am a bit annoyed about Eating Out and Groceries classification-> Pret is classified as Eating out, Starbucks and ITSU as well, and my average bill there is 5 pounds. I naturally just want to put it together as “food on the go” or “lunch at work” category.
Then a proper restaurant can be classified as Eating out, where the bill exceeds 18 pounds, for example.

(Alex Sherwood) #7

I see where you’re coming from :thinking:

Perhaps you could change the category for those merchants to Groceries (which is where I put all of my minor, everyday spending) so that you can see the total you’re spending on the more expensive Eating Out purchases?

Once you’ve set the category for a merchant once, Monzo remembers it so you won’t have to keep changing it every time.

(Tom ) #8

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