Custom Categories - 13

(James Ham) #1

Id like the ability to add/edit my own spending categories. At present there is a groceries category, but I would like a ‘work’ category to keep track of how much money I spend in work on lunch/coffee. Also I can’t filter by category at the moment to see a total, only by individual payment locations.

(Davide ) #2

I agree with you James, it could be helpful!

(Michael Evans) #3

Yes! Would be great to be able to split out drinking from eating out for instance, so I can see whether I’m going to the pub too often or if I just need to take sandwiches to the office more.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Since I’m assuming that any new categories will be added for both the iOS & Android apps, I’ve renamed & recategorised this post.

Here’s my most recent comment, from this series which more details on custom categories -

(James Ham) #5

So it is happening then. In a month?

(Alex Sherwood) #6

I’m pretty sure that the review means new / changed categories, rather than adding the option for users to be able to add their own custom categories.

Whenever I’ve said that a custom categories feature won’t be added in the foreseeable future, Hugo’s liked my post (& he doesn’t like many posts ;)).

(Tom ) #8

Continued here Custom Categories - 1