Custom app icons on Android

(Stephen) #9

I’m a beta tester but I don’t seem to get the Beta icon…


I believe Beta is for those who were part of the Monzo Beta (pre-current account) rather than for the App Beta testers (which is more of a Google thing, anyway).

(Stephen) #11

Ah! That’ll be why then.

(4 Round Investor) #12

Anyone notice the snowfall in the app this afternoon?

(Martin Jones) #13

Been snowing for a few days if you shake phone

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #14

It’s been raining here (Wales) whether I shake the phone or not, sadly.

(David Walton) #15

The snow falls here after quite a vigorous (Android) shake. Works for both Personal and Joint Accounts too. Nice.

(Martin Jones) #16

Must not been shaking hard enough :joy:


Is there anywhere to download the alt logo icons as pngs / svg?

Can the press kit please be updated @cookywook inc the weird iOS beta green?

(Oliver Dunk) #18

I’d love to know what’s happened behind the scenes to make this possible. It almost seems like the app reinstalls itself, but I can’t see that being the case.


It think it works the same way as custom app icons work in launchers or icon packs. You always have the choice to customise your app icons.

If i had an icon pack installed, I could have extra choices:

(Kieran) #20

I think it’s done with multiple launcher entries in the manifest :slight_smile:

(Andy Graham) #21

I legit asked for the LGBT icon over a year ago, when iOS got it. Thank god android now has it!


Yeah I was just going to swap it directly, probably for the iOS version of Beta.

I’ve currently got the M without the bg.

Nova launcher

Hold on app > Edit Shortcut > tap icon > Gallery apps > Files > Select new image for icon

(Anthony) #23

Talking customisation… When can we disable that useless and obtrusive pulse bother? I hate wasted screen real estate. At least tweak it’s behaviour so when scrolling it automatically hides.



(Rob) #25

Nice little gold m now :slight_smile:


I was jealous of my girlfriend’s Pride icon on her iPhone - glad I can now join her on my Android! :rainbow:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #27

Quite an exciting development, on the stock Google launcher with the first Android Q beta, the custom icon updates itself - no need to re-add :ok_hand::grin: hopefully custom icons become more widely supported by Android and the feature gets adopted by more Devs :pray::tada:

Here’s a screen recording of this in action :sunglasses:

(Happy St Patrick’s Day ) #28

Nice notch