Contactless on/off toggle

When I turned 18 Natwest allowed me to choose if I wanted a contactless or non contactless card.
While I know for a smaller bank sending non contactless cards is not going to be cost effective a ability to disable contactless transactions within the app would be nice. (I currently freeze my card when I don’t need to use it. I always use my monzo card as chip and pin anyway. (rural area with alot of readers that are chip and pin only and myself not being to keen on no verfication being needed)

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

What does being 18 have to do with it? I had this when I was in HS.

Because generally in the UK you do not have a choice with contactless. You have to have a contactless and then you have to complain to hopefully find out if your bank allows non-contactless.

The OP was explaining Natwest give you one at 18. Now, if @desu is 25 it wouldn’t be that important as this choice might not be still there but if he still is 18 its a useful nugget of information for people who want a non-contactless card. It is also interesting that Natwest give that option when, again, most banks do not give you that option here.

The turning 18 thing is beacuse NatWest require you to change your account in branch or over the phone when you turn 18.
I was asked contactless or non contactless as they needed to replace my card. Which was also non contactless as they don’t issue contactless cards to under 18’s.
Hope this explains this.

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