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Do you do contactless cards, do your cards work in Cambodia and Thailand

The cards have always been contactless AFAIK. We have dedicated threads on here for using Monzo in certain countries:




My son wants to return to Cambodia and stay longer, last time he was there someone tried to pinch his wallet, he only has his bank card and if he lost that he’d be buggered, was looking something I can top up for him, he’s not keen on contactless as someone can use it if it gets pinched

Yes. All Monzo cards are contactless. But you can hold it up to a very powerful light and drill a hole thru it in the right place to break the contactless antenna, but it is best to then fill the hole with some red wax or something so that it is less obvious to others.

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This would still be a bank card as Monzo is a bank.


Monzo doesn’t have card security control just to disable contactless at the moment but you could probably consider Revolut which give you option to disable to contactless



Yes but it will only have a certain amount of money deposited in it at any one time, may be a travel card would be more suitable? It won’t have his wages or day to day banking attached to it

I believe WeSwap and FairFX both issue non-contactless cards, so may be worth looking into those.

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WeSwap don’t have contactless yet

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Many thanks everyone


But why would you want to? Even with Monzo supporting contactless magstripe mode (which is vulnerable to pre-play attacks; and most British banks don’t support it), you’re never liable for any fraud.

To the OP - yes, the card is contactless, and it also supports both M/Chip (EMV) and magstripe modes so it’ll work far more widely worldwide than most British contactless cards.

P.S. to clarify - M/Chip (EMV) mode is the current, modern form of contactless. It is incredibly secure and is virtually immune to both cloning and pre-play attacks. It is the only form of contactless you’ll find in the UK.

Magstripe mode is far less secure, and while it does have an anti-cloning mechanism (dynamic CVC), it is vulnerable to pre-play attacks. It is common in the US, and I also saw it in Israel last week. The insecurity is offset by the fact it is far more secure than actual magstripe, which is also common in these markets.


I wouldn’t I was just requoting what others suggested before…mainly to ridicule it :wink:

LOL, okay :slight_smile:

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