Competitor update

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Same here I got the email today too


(Tom ) #678

I have to say I’m a little surprised.

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Funnily enough I got that too - but I already have the app.

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Tandem are loving their registration forms aren’t they?


(Andrew Schofield) #681

Some interesting features there that I hope will make it into Monzo (ring-fencing of bills for one).


(Alex Sherwood) #682

Yes we’ll have the virtual pots, which are on the roadmap here, for that :heart_eyes:


(Bruce) #684

Having trialled two versions of the tandem app, I think there’s definitely some good functionality, I love the fact it takes into account your regular expenditures, bills etc, and gives you a real world ‘money left to spend’ figure.

It’s not perfect by any means, key functionality missing and some work on integrations with other banks. Having followed and used Cleo quite a lot, I can see why this alone is a large piece of work.

Tandem have stepped up their comms game for app users, have got back to me on every piece of feedback and advised on what doesn’t work at present, and have a Facebook group for users.

It’s a big pitty they lost their licence at the time due to investment, monzo is currently looking like a more formed product.

I’d love to see functionality present in both In one place… :crossed_fingers:

(Deleted my last post to add more detail)



I added some credit cards, but can’t bring myself to add bank accounts - I talked to FD about it and they are adamant that the account aggregators are at my risk.

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all banks in their right mind will say if you use account aggregators that it is at your risk

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At least Tandem keep the log in details on the phone


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So my impression of wonderbill since you posted this is it is crap.

Signed up when link was posted and it is still showing this.

Going to give it will I get home from work then going to delete it.

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Yeah they’ve not managed to link my virgin media account - apparently the log in details that work in another tab are incorrect…


(Bruce) #690

Thanks for checking it out


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #691

Must be some form of manual intervention that’s failed due to bank hols?



Don’t think so - it keeps trying but fails


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #693

Either way it’s a fail from me so it’ll be deleted in an hour :joy:

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Thought I’d share this as it’s an good caveat to bear in mind, when we see news of challenger banks ‘securing’ large investments -

LONDON — Startup app-only bank Starling announced in January 2016 that it had raised £48 million ($70 million) from quant investor Harold McPike, one of the largest early-stage investments for a tech company in Britain.

But at the time of the announcement, Starling had received just over £3 million from McPike.

The startup only received the lion’s share of the investment — £30 million — this month. It means Starling had to wait 16 months to receive over 60% of it.

The good news is that Starling did reach the milestones that their investor set (though they won’t share what they were, of course :rolling_eyes:) & received the remainder of the investment this month.


(Dan Warriner) #702

Oh wow!

What’s that? I’m on the priority list? :rolling_eyes: Not as high on the list as people who are willing to blog about Starling obviously…

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Another email from Starling saying wait a bit longer.