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(Henry Pedro) #1045

my man wanted to get paid. more power to him. this will not save Atom from its promise

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Where William is where I am not

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The only thing he can advise on is making your name a valid domain.


(Rika) #1048

Hi Kim Dotcom! :joy:



The guy is a legend in my eyes. Roll on Bitcache :wink:


(Alex Sherwood) #1050

Starling’s marketing seems to be going through a bit of a transformation at the moment (they’re using emoji on Twitter now :eyes:) & to top it off, they’ve posted a blog post today detailing some of their plans for the next 12 months -

They’ve finally launched a community like this one -

And they’re planning -

  • Saving goals (aka Monzo’s upcoming update to the targets feature)
  • Virtual cards
  • Digital wallets :thinking:
  • More security controls (disable online & contactless transactions :roll_eyes:) & restrictions on card useage by country
  • Updates to the pie chart, to enable users to see their spending over the month
  • The launch of their marketplace
  • Joint accounts
  • Accounts for under 18 year olds

Should be fun to see who can roll these features out first :running_man:


(Simon Porter) #1051

In their forums they said they are targeting end of July for Apple Pay support.



I hope Monzo gets out with a lot of this stuff first, as Starling are stealing a bit of a march on us!


(Alex Sherwood) #1053

They are in some places but judging by the Starling Feedback topic, they’re still behind in plenty of areas too :slight_smile:

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(Colin Robinson) #1054

I’d rather it was done right than done first :slight_smile:


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Starling And Monzo are nearly same. But both developed for profit. There must be a competition to keep fees low


(Simon Porter) #1057

I’m curious to know what prompted Tom and others to leave starling and create Monzo. Has this ever been publicly talked about?

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(Alex Sherwood) #1058

Since it sounds like Tom etc. aren’t allowed to talk about why he left, this coverage about this split is probably as close as you’ll get to a complete explanation -

(sorry bout the paywall)

in other words ‘friction’ was the cause. There’s some more comments on what happened here -

(no paywall but you need to create an account to view this)


(Simon Porter) #1059

Thanks. Yeah I’d spotted the FT article. It would be interesting to know because on the face of it Monzo and Starling look almost identical in what they are trying to achieve.


(Henry Pedro) #1060

its not a good look losing all these top bods. it also cant be a coincident that these top bods have left. i smell a fish.


(Alex Sherwood) #1061

It would! If I had to guess I’d say it’s probably the things that are most different about their two approaches - transparency, engagement with users & their tone (+ potentially, technology) - that caused the disagreements.

I feel I can relate to the Monzo team & that they share my values a lot more than Starling so if I was Tom, I’d be pretty frustrated if I felt that they didn’t understand them. In my opinion, those things are going to be pretty critical for Monzo’s growth, although as we’re seeing, Starling are starting to do a pretty good impression of Monzo now.



@alexs hits the nail on the head here - I have a starling account and it’s fine, but it doesn’t enthuse me like Monzo does. I feel Monzo have ideals that are aligned with what I want, I simply don’t get that with startling, they are just a modern bank account.

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(Justin Hunt) #1063

To be honest I think both accounts are similarly aligned its just the marketing and styling is a little different.

In the long term, we are already “the converted”, for them to survive long term they need to convince the masses that they are credible and can be trusted with their monthly pay cheque and I think that will be a tougher sell.

Otherwise we could see Monzling or perhaps StarZo once Tom and his counterparts at Starling move onto their next big life projects.

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(Henry Pedro) #1064

i agree @Smallhorse its similar to android and iOS. they essantially do the same thing but the approach is different (supported by the philosophies).

also agree with the long game, preaching to the masses that this is the future and getting that right (along with the product offering(s) and being trusted as well. finances is still arguably a taboo in this country and with the majority, if it aint broken why change (also the case when it is broken, they wont change)