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I love Monzo I use it daily as do all my family. I am however being tempted by the “Chase” phenomenon. Paid interest and cash back on spending. Is Monzo going to introduce anything like this or am going to be lured away in these difficult times? Can anyone convince me with reasons to stay with Monzo or do I enter the six week waiting room? Personally I don’t want to ….

Why choose? Many of us have both, and some :blush:


What would be the point? Would you just make purchases using chase?

What you have to think about is that “introductory” offers like this are just that, they come and go. Monzo may well do (or not) in the future.

What specifically do you think Chase would give you that Monzo doesn’t? And there’s no issue with having both and deciding down the line if you want to keep it of course :slight_smile:


Cashback is only 12 months but I guess it can add up.

The interest on savings is worthwhile if you’re happy to leave it there, many reports of held payments for additional checks and the app is clunky at best at the moment (for me anyway).

Always worth opening to see if you like it, no hard credit check, but the opening delays are something else.


There’s a chase thread with lots on it, but I’d say go ahead with waiting and just see how you find it. I’ve made quite a bit back with cashback and the interest rates but it really is dependent on what you want from a bank.


Banks are a lot like shoes; some fit you better than others, something that fits you won’t fit me and vice versa.

You don’t have to have your eggs all in one basket. Open a Chase account, see if you like the app, the speed of things, does it do what you want it to do. If it works for you, use it more, use it for everything or don’t.

Interest rate is good. But you can put that there and leave it. You can still use Monzo.

1% cashback is nice. That might be enough for you to switch, for some people Monzo performs better and the 1% isn’t worth it.

All you can really do is try it for yourself. It won’t cost you anything and you don’t have to commit.


It took me so long to realise who you were.


Blame @N26throwaway!

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Thanks everyone I had a look at the Chase chat there and it’s not all positive! I will maybe download anyway see what I think :face_with_monocle:


I think that largely applies to most banks in general! As others have said, worth trialing Chase as no downside. I don’t quite think the ultimate fintech exists yet and for many it’s a case of using a couple to get all the features you want/need.

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