'Collection Pot' for collecting donations

It would be really useful if there was a way to create a new type of pot called a ‘collection pot’ to make it easier to collect donations from friends and colleagues.

The way this would work is you would set up a collection pot in the app and give it a name based on what you are collecting for (e.g. Red Nose Day 2018). This would also create a unique Monzo.me link based on the name of the pot (e.g. monzo.me/rednoseday2018) to make it easy for people to send you donations.

Then when people use the link to make a payment to you, the money goes directly into this separate pot rather than your main Monzo balance.

This would make it really easy to collect small donations rather than collecting cash, and would also keep your Monzo account organised by keeping donations in a separate pot.

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Like this? :point_down:



Yes exactly. Good to know it’s being worked on!

This would be fantastic and would be welcomed by charities, especially if the money is automatically distributed to the charity, perhaps on a fixed date at the end of the month.

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