Coconut - Crowdfunding Round


It didn’t sit right to keep my investment in them when I’m not going to be using the account much. Then I saw Monzo were looking to do business accounts and that was that.

(Andre Borie) #22

Just got an email about Coconut launching limited company support, but so far it’s really not ready for prime-time.

No Apple Pay.

Faster Payments take 1-2 hours to arrive.

No way to import transactions from previous accounts or accounting packages.

No FSCS protection.

I’ll keep an eye out but for now I’ll stick with Starling Bank & FreeAgent.

(Dan) #23

Have you seen Mettle - ? In the same boat as CocoNut I think :confused:

(Sacha Zarb) #24

RBS new app bank, the guys at 11:FS have been heavily involved

(Colin Robinson) #25

And backed by NatWest.

Are RBS part of NatWest (or the other way round)?

(Kieran) #26

Natwest is part of RBS Group :slight_smile: