Choose whether interest goes into pot or main account

Hi, I use pots a lot. I have 5 or 6 savings pots all with specific amounts in. It’s great to be earning interest on this money, but it would be helpful if I could choose for each pot whether the interest goes into the pot or the main account. If you wanted to be extra fancy you could even have an option to put the interest into the pot until the goal amount is reached, and then put it in the main account.

Savings pots are with third parties so the interest has to go into the same third party account.

For Plus users, Monzo will very soon stop paying interest so unfortunately this idea, although good, will never be realised


Not for plus users who stick with their current ‘bundle’ which allows the interest, unless I have missed something.


I stand to be corrected, but I think the interest will end when the 12 months are up for those people.


But I’m not a plus user :woman_shrugging:t2:

If this is true, then the feature I am requesting boils down to “automatically withdrawing an amount equal to the interest”. Not a technological impossibility, although possibly it would involve a 24 hour delay.

I was just thinking this would be a great idea this morning when I was manually making the transfers.

It would be great to be able to have a toggle on a pot so it can collect all the interest earned in other pots, a little like the round up toggle.

If you stick with your current bundle you can keep earning interest until the minimum term is over after which it does away.

But why keep paying £3/£6 per month when you can get the same interest with Marcus for free?

Cause then my monzo account would be empty and my bills wouldn’t get paid. I’d lose my nice Plus card, my custom username and all the street cred I have with being a Plus member. Also, the Marcus rate will be dropping for me soon as it was introductory.

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:eyes: this feature does not appear to be available for me


Are you on the plus-plus bundle?

Ah, that was my mistake, i’m on plus lite

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I must have missed that

There is an option, very buried, in the website for a lot of people to renew when getting near the end of their first year. Taken a look for it in yours?

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Nah, everybody can use it. Not just those near the end of their bonus cycle. You can keep renewing as often as you want for now.

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You need money in your current account…

Ah, I suppose something I haven’t considered as I use a CC for all my spending so there’s never more than £50 in the account

Let’s say you spend £1k a month from Monzo account - the interest on that still isn’t enough to offset the monthly fee