Cheque Imaging 📱

Are we joking???

Of course!

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I’d really love cheque imagining

stop using cheques you idiot

Is what you actually see every time there is badge on this topic :joy:


is what happened here.


I hate iOS autocorrect! It’s so useless…

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Hey everyone :wave:

We know it’s been a while since we’ve shared an update on this and it’s still something we appreciate you all have an active interest in.

We don’t currently have any news on this developing any further to share right now but we do intend to keep this Topic up to date when there’s any change to that.


Thanks for the update @AlanDoe, it’s much appreciated to have official word from Monzo on the topic!


Barclays Bank in the UK offer this. The system can be touchy but it does work and you can keep the check yourself or throw it away once the money is credited into your account.
Not sure about other banks though.

Lol. That post you replied to is 6 years old. By now loads and loads of UK banks offer cheque imaging.


Cheque imaging would be a grand thing to have. Was flipping’ useful when I had a few PPI claims come back successful and the banks sent their cheques. Used Starling to process the smaller value items which I transferred to Monzo. Didn’t want to use Monzo’s postal service, so deposited the bigger items into another current account of mine and transferred accordingly. It’d be nice to reduce the number of bank accounts required to cover all the facilities. :wink:

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This is exactly why Monzo doesn’t need to provide cheque imaging.


Fingers crossed ……… coming soon :rofl:

Yes, but I don’t want to keep all these other current accounts open just for specific features. I’d rather consolidate or move.


What you (we) want and what Monzo are providing are at odds :sweat_smile:

Of course, and it’s not a democracy - I understand that - but it just would be nice. I’d love my work to switch to using all Macs rather than Windows, and I’d like to be taller and thinner, but both those things just ain’t going to happen (soonish, anyway) :\ :wink:

Of course you could always ditch Starling, because your branch–based bank will also scan your cheques.

True, but branch-based banks are starting to become outdated (especially given the pandemic) and there have been a fair number of closures in the local village that I live, and even in the nearest town. Which leaves the Post Office, and it’s only a matter of time before they start going away too (at least around here).


At a reputational cost though. Unfortunately Monzo does still suffer from not being seen as a serious/proper bank by many. I think stuff like this contributes to that reputation.


Whilst I do appreciate cheques are not common, I also believe the fundamental ability to pay money into your account with cheques AND cash is not great with Monzo. I know there are ‘alternative’ methods but I firmly believe this will have to change for Monzo going forward.


I wonder what it would take for people to use Monzo as a main bank, not say, a spending “card”.

I don’t understand why they still have cheques in circulation given the tech we have today.

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