Challenger Bank or Legacy with Politics?

I object to the terms of Monzo Community. Not to the individual clauses outlined in the posting, but on he grounds that by employing this software Monzo is limiting free speech, only permitting individual posts to comment if their views are acceptable. Obviously, no reasonable person would seek to post comments deliberately judged to cause offence. However, it is established that people reasonably hold different points-of-view and are normally free to voice such comments without it causing offence or being cited as objectionable. I have another objection to this “forum” which is the software used to construct it. It is big data blob domain software, it does not permit reasonably divergent views it is by definition judgemental and autocratic, it offers no explanations for its rulings, is simply heavy handedly discriminatory. Do I want to bank with an outfit wedded to this? Make you own answer, biut in 12 months time ask yourself where did Monzo go wrong.

I’ve put it in my diary. Thanks for the tip.


by employing this software Monzo is limiting free speech

Not sure what you’re talking about. This software (Discourse) is not even capable of understanding your speech and thus wouldn’t be able to make a decision to censor it based on your views even if it wanted to. The software only enforced basic rules for new users (limit of posts per day, regardless of content, limit of links, etc) to prevent spam - those restrictions will go away once you become an established member.


Dissent of Monzo is allowed on the forum as long as you are not rude or discriminatory. You complaint I guess is based on your post in the Apple Pay thread. I believe it was you comments on dyslexia which probably got your post flagged for moderation and hidden.


I would strongly emphasise this. I personally am very critical of Monzo, to the point that I actually mostly stopped using them.

I have made this clear at various occasions, including just yesterday. Loudly.

I have also recommended competitors’ services as well.

And yet, I have never been told off for either. Neither by those working for Monzo, nor by those not working for monzo.

Also, even if this were true (which it patently isn’t), it would be their right to limit free speech in their forum, just like I can limit free speech in my living room, if I don’t want listen to stuff there.


I’m really confused by this. You have used too many big words.

It is a forum software. You make the rules, it’s just a app that displays topics, categories, handles membership etc :confused:


I may disagree with your opinion, but I will give my life to defend your rights to express it.

No such defense necessary where Monzo are in charge. This is an open community available to everyone, including non-account holders.

What @anon23935806 said might be in effect for you because you’ve not actually posted much before. Any derogatory posts will be removed and duplicate topics get closed off in an effort to keep the forum as concise as possible, but generally on a day to day basis you probably won’t get censored for anything. You’re free to criticise Monzo, but be prepared to state your case clearly because they’ve got a lot of die hard fans.

May I suggest you study the community guidelines.

  • Be clear & concise, use paragraphs to split points up
  • Do not use a term frivolously, e.g. “big data blob domain software”
    • Especially if it is a condition or term related to people



The Monzo Community is limiting my free speech! Opposing views are shot down as objectionable! I was not told why my opinion was rejected!

The layout of the forum encourages a one-minded view and I think Monzo are too heavily linked into this system. I don’t see this working in the long term.

Or for your original post:

I am deeply underwhelmed that Monzo is making such heavy weather of getting Apple pay off the ground.
The UK in general is falling behind when it comes to technology. Japan for example, there are 800 shinkansen bullet trains running on-time every day, handling over 50% of the population. The IT ticketing system is lightening fast, efficient and cheaper and more reliable. In comparison, I travelled by train from the Midlands via London to the south coast - it was a nightmare. Not having an Oyster card I waited in a queue for a ticket. The time involved meant I missed the connection!
Back to Monzo Starling et al. You are trying to come up with an updated system for payment. So why is it so difficult and why is the UK so far behind the rest of the world? While most young Chinese now effectively have a cashless society using smartphone technology to pay using a simple app, the UK makes life difficult. Nothing works properly and all the companies use ‘beta’ as an alibi for being dysfunctional while the government looks on from the sidelines and has 0 input of a positive nature. The government should take action on companies failing to improve.

To which:

  • The UK has been trying to develop a Silicon Valley of its own, but we are more cautious.
  • It would be nice if the entire country could use the Oyster system (which offers the advantages you mentioned in Japan), but historic stations are still being retrofitted with ticket gates and in some cases barriers just aren’t possible - people then won’t sign out at their destination. The entire rail system probably does need a full upgrade - but that is extremely expensive.
  • It is not a new payment system, it is a payment system on the Apple Platform. The UK has adopted contactless, but Apple restrict the use of the contactless payment on devices to Apple Pay only. So anyone in the UK making a contactless payment system would be restricted to Android devices.
  • Using beta as an alibi is not limited to just the UK. But Monzo are not in beta.
  • I have explained my point about Western vs Eastern systems, happy to hear a counter-point.
  • We live in a market society - you can choose to not give your services to companies that don’t meet your expectations. This is preferred to government intervention, which some would say is heavy handed. The government does take action where it sees it necessary (Ofgem capping max tariffs of elec/gas and heavily encouraging switching for example), but in this instance just change bank.

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