Certificates of Interest Availability across banks and providers

I typically submit my self assessment tax return on the 6th of April as soon as it opens.

Often I have all the data I need. And even if I don’t, I submit anyway and adjust it later.

It annoys me that some banks don’t provide interest statements dynamically through the year. Or at least as soon as the personal tax year ends.

Let’s name and shame them!

Available certificate of interest:

  • Monzo
  • Natwest
  • Zopa

Interest statement not available:

  • Chase

I will keep updating this post as I keep finding info. But also answer below if you know whether certificates of interest (and dividend for investments accounts) are available or not.

I’m not sure why you would submit and then then amend your tax return rather then waiting until you have all the data.

However, all the below provide this information either online or via their app

  • RBS
  • My Community Finance
  • Tandem
  • Ford Money
  • Gatehouse
  • Cynergy
  • Marcus
  • Chip
  • Nationwide
  • Beehive Money
  • Kroo
  • Coventry Building Society
  • Charter Bank

Others have already sent me the relevant figures automatically via post including

  • First Direct
  • HSBC
  • Newbury Building Society
  • Principality Building Society
  • Family Building Society
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I have mine so far for:

Newbury Building Society
Principality Building Society

Still waiting on loads of other providers

Atom normally produce their one around 4 May.

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Chase did it now.

I don’t know if they did it for everyone, or just me.

I did complain. They said it is not a requirement for them to do it on demand. But I think it should be made so.

Will escalate to change the regulation.

Mine shows in the Chase app as well.

A few others have given it to me on request including some building societies and Oxbury