Categorising payments sent by other Monzonauts!

totally agreed with you

Thanks for raising this! I’ve moved your topic here, since as far as I can tell, this is the first time that this issue was raised in it’s own topic :spy:

As I mentioned in my first reply, this is on the way, the latest is that it will be fixed by bill splitting -

hopefully version one, which the team are working on right now :slight_smile:

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Maybe someone has already posted this - but what about being able to categorise incoming payments? For example, this morning I purchased three gig tickets which came out of my entertainment budget, and two friends transferred money to me via Monzo. It would be great if I could categorise those received payments into entertainment so that my personal budget isn’t messed up and only reflects my personal spend.

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Hey Laura,

I’ve moved your post here (having moved it to a not so relevant post first :see_no_evil:) so that you can see the comments from the Monzo team, about their plans for this feature, which have been summarised in this topic.

If you have any more questions / suggestions that we’ve missed, please do share them :slight_smile:

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Hi there. Building on the above I was thinking that it would be great if there could be an option for the daily spend number to net off transfers from other Monzo users.

E.g. I bought a round of drinks for £25 yesterday, used to get paid back £20 by friends (all very easy) so I only actually spent £5. However my daily spend figure still reflected the whole £25.

I don’t use the in category budget at the moment, only the total daily spend as a budgeting tool. Thanks!


I’ve recently come back from a holiday in Norway where I successfully used my Monzo card (Android version) for all POS and ATM transactions. I noticed that the spending column doesn’t subtract money coming in from transfers, and this almost always happens when you’re traveling and splitting the bill on multiple items. All credits in a category should be subtracted from the spending total. I was wondering if it’s possible to incorporate this feature if it is not already available, thanks!


I agree. Transfers should be deducted from spendings

Bill splitting for contacts isn’t great, so tapping a payment and being able to deduct that from how much you “spent” would be really helpful

The above was posted as a new topic with the title "Allow people to take received money away from ‘spent today’ "

@HitechCasio I’m looking forward to this update too, check out the above posts for the details from the Monzo team about their plans for this.

When I spend money on friends and they pay me back I need a net in :cricket_bat_and_ball:

Ah I just raised this idea but seen this… apologies

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So, usually, lots of people I know use Monzo.
The issue is If I pay for dinner and people pay me back I can’t assign the payments so that it impacts the spending report. So my spending data is totally off.

E.g. If I pay 150 for dinner and 4 people pay me back 30, my spending report just counts the 150 and I can’t factor in the payment…

Yes, the current Targets implementation is pretty basic, and doesn’t work well if you have expenses or are paid back (or have to use cash a lot). There’s some discussion of this in the following thread, including a workaround from @alexs and an indication from @hugo that these issues will eventually be addressed (presumably after current accounts are launched :rocket:):


Hi all,

I have a set of targets against various buckets such as eating out. When my girlfriend and I go to a restaurant, one of us pays and the other then Monzos them half the bill as it’s faster.

However, I don’t want to see a £100 bill come out of my target for eating out when I’ve decided to split the cost of the transaction within the Monzo app (the one who pays chooses this from their Monzo app and selects split with one other person).

Given that the above has occurred, I would expect half of the bill to be added back onto my eating out spending target. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?



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Hey Richard,

There’s a lot of discussion around this!

The Targets feature is an early version of ore sophisticated bill splitting functionality which we’re working on!

Hi Naji,

Thanks for the quick response!

That sounds great. I agree with the others on that thread that bill splitting is also often not even.

Also, I’d like to be able to create spending categories that are unique to my lifestyle.

All the best,


Hi Richard,

I’ve moved your topic here, to help other users find all the updates about the incoming (re)payments & targets.

Check out the last comments this topic’s thread for all the updates on this idea :slight_smile:

It would be nice to categorise incoming payments so you could for example catabolise a payment as ‘eating out’ if you paid the bill and others transfer their share to you, this way the eating out category offset and just reflects your portion of spending. :grinning:


Hey Kristoffa.

I’ve moved your topic here, to help other users find all the updates about the incoming (re)payments & targets.

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Categorisation of incoming payments is discussed here: