So true, it’s put me right off Starling.

This comes just a week after they were saying how different they were to legacy banks etc. I bought into that, then this comes along?

I hate referrals and the conditions placed on the offer were ambiguous to say the least. With so much competition out there for your money, I think it may have done more harm than good.

It may suit some and that’s great, but if they don’t meet the small print criteria after spending and don’t get any cashback, it’ll be a customer relations nightmare for them.

Luckily for me I got my Monzo current account last night, so I’ll be giving this a good go now, and may well replace Starling for me.

Monzo have lots of ideas flooding in and will be interesting to see how these develop in the coming months.

I like that Monzo are looking at a more universal cashback model, and if they get this right could be an absolute goldmine.

(Eve) #144

I know it’s still a ways off but the discussion has got me really hyped for the feature! I hope it doesn’t go down the needing to out-in route- I hate having to manually select offers with Santander and you can’t access this function on mobile. I hardly use a web browser to access my account so it means I hardly ever get cashback (or remember to). Having it this way also means they’re not really prioritising one store/brand over another I guess? That should quell questions about whether Monzo is pushing a specific organisation because they get more money (mentioned a couple of times in the Bulb thread).


My FD Visa offers are are easier, log in via my phone to the Visa site and press 2 or 3, they are usually good offers, not £5 off £500 at X store etc. It’s easy to doc but you still need to physically select them.

Fingers crossed Monzo can sort it!!


This thread is Sneak Peak: Cashback on Monzo :wink:

We have a dedicated thread for Starling Feedback

(Rumee Ahmed) #147

Speaking of Cashback. Barclays are offering 10 percent on tech from Currys or Argos. Anyone used this?

Looking to get an apple watch but you know how the t&c’s might exclude with Apple products. Not sure though, anyone done this?


My FD offers (Visa) included money off at Curry’s and I’ve just checked and there are no restrictions. I assume your Bisa offers are the same??

(Andre Borie) #149

You could as well buy something else which is covered by cash back, then return it in exchange of a voucher and use the voucher to buy your Apple gear.

(Rumee Ahmed) #150

I have checked the site, there are restrictions but not on what you can buy. So I guess I can buy it. Still seems a bit fishy tho


I got £10 cashback fine for an offer on my FD card the other day. I was wondering if it would arrive, as it all seemed too easy, but it did!

(Tony Hoyle) #152

I had FD for 5 years and never got offered cashback… guess I never shopped at the right stores :stuck_out_tongue:

(Rumee Ahmed) #153

I’m gonna buy it anyway, so may as well use this and get 35 pounds back


Santander always paid cash back on smiler sort of offers. Last week I got about £110 from them for some shopping at Morrisons, Waitrose etc… Plus they had been running an offer on Mobile payments previously which was 5% cash back on all purchases made via any supported mobile payment method from July to September. Payment for all that was paid last week.

I have closed my Santander Account since

(Mikey Deegan) #155

Would love to be able to claim the cash back when you reach a specified goal, or maybe add it straight to a pot. I think be able to see what percentage of that pot came from cash back would be a nice little bonus feature too.


That promotion earned me a lot of money thanks to the ability to load my Monzo PP card through Android Pay :grinning:

(Dean) #157

Really like this idea :rocket:

(Tim Banting) #159

I would like the opportunity to invest the cashback into something like Moneybox. For me it’s a freebie so I woildn’t mind that going into an investment.

(Matt) #160

How feasible would it be to let the user decide when cashback was paid? For people who like instant gratification they can have it paid instantly. For people putting money aside for theatre tickets, monthly. For people saving for a holiday, yearly. Or could cashback amounts be paid in to a pot instead of their available account? What about donating all or a portion of cashback to a charity automatically?

(Zander) #161

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(Allie) #163

I used to strongly feel this way about my American Express Rewards Credit Card (earns Membership Rewards points, convertible 1:1 to Delta SkyMiles), but recently I’m leaning towards using it only for larger purchases. I mix it up, but I must say I really love the reliability of Mastercard… no rewards (not just on Monzo, but on almost any Mastercard, there are only a few with rewards still out there), but it just works.

And I don’t just mean ‘sorry, we don’t take Amex despite the large Amex logo in our window and the Amex sign on our door (that happens fairly often, most recently as Kaspas in Bristol)’; I also mean ‘sorry, contactless doesn’t work for Amex’ and other weird behaviours like that. Mastercard is far more reliable, tap, done. And I like Monzo’s spending reports.

I’m pretty torn, tbqh. I’m using both right now.