Love this. Follows the concept the ‘Tail’ that I link to my Starling account but here it’s all within Monzo.

Would love to see this with some decent retailers.


Same with American Express.

It’s a marketing department’s way of keeping themselves in a job. Frustrating. It needs fixing.


A cashback pot would be sweet.

It’s a nice little surprise, and hopefully even if I transferred out of the pot/spent it :roll_eyes: I could see the history


Cashback would be amazing!


That I think would be the clincher for lots of people. Cashback would be ideal.


it would be good to link up some existing schemes like clubcard or nectar. it would be awsome paying for my weekly food shopping and my tesco clubcard being “swiped” automatically.


Similar to you I have always been paying £5/year. I think I will keep paying for a clutter-free site tbh

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Wow - I totally love this concept! I would use my Monzo card ALOT more for spending, so I believe would many others, after all we all love to feel valued and with cash back being offered from using our Monzo cards with selected retailers - this is a big WIN for me! In terms of the payback again I’m not to fussy if it was weekly or monthly basis, just seems good when we actually get a pay out :+1: look forward to this Monzo! :tada::tada::tada:


If this came to Monzo I could ditch my credit cards finally. I only have them really for the cashback. I’d still keep 1 purely for the section 75 cover.

Incorporate an immediate ‘save the change’ sweep to a savings pot and this account would be perfect.


Personally I find cashback/rewards to be a bit of a scam…

All that is happening is you’re paying slightly more for whatever the product you are buying, to facilitate a discount down the line. Money isn’t “created”. I rather feel it is a way of exploiting people - who doesn’t like “free” stuff? :smiley: (tl;dr: there are no free lunches unfortunately)

I’d prefer just to pay a lower headline price but I understand others have different opinions :slight_smile:


I agree. I think what’s being discussed here is for any available cashback deals to be applied without the need for registrations, memberships or subscriptions.

For example, Pouch ( will tell you when voucher codes / discounts / cashbacks are available on sites that you visit and where you made be intending to make a normal purchase anyway.


Sure, and I think that would be great for people that like cashback!

I just wouldn’t use it personally.

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  1. Spend money with [insert name of Bank here]
  2. Spend money with Monzo and, without expecting it, receive some cashback

You wouldn’t want option 2?


No - I’d rather the value of the cashback was just deducted from whatever I was buying. As I said, no money is free and cashback just ends up creating this complicated web of dependencies :stuck_out_tongue:

In some ways it is like legacy bank interest. Most basic Current Accounts offer 0.5% to 1% and with that you get the whole legacy bank UX (not great imho). Starling/Monzo/Revolut doesn’t pay you interest, but you get an infinatly better UX. However, when I talk to people about Monzo CAs, they inevitably ask about interest rates and as soon as I say “well nothing” they are suddenly very against the idea of Monzo…despite the fact they are earning literally pence from their legacy bank in interest payments.

tl;dr: It all depends on what you personally value.


But that’s not an option.


I am aware…

I’m saying, in my ideal world, that is how it would work


But that’s not the alternative. If you’re not getting cashback, you’re still paying the same price as everyone else.

Starling does


That’s where it falls down. We’re not in an ideal world because marketing.

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I stand corrected.

Agreed and that is very unfortunate.


The shops hope you don’t know about the cash back sites, hence they make more from those that don’t. They’re clearly happy paying cash back, just not to those that don’t ask.

Remember, don’t ask, don’t get.

Unfortunately true.

As Johnny says, I’d rather have a nice seemless cash back through the account.

Absolute dream if this could happen, and then maybe save to a savings pot/goal.