(Ben) #186

Personally I like this idea. The instant notification but then the eventual ‘deposit’ at the end of a set time frame.

As others have said, the option to put this into the pot would be great.

(Trevor Mitchell) #188

Straight into a cashback pot is the way to go.

(Alex Sherwood) #189

I’m late but Tom explained why the traditional rewards schemes are broken & how Monzo could make them better at an Open Office a while ago -

Loyalty points and other usage incentives
(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #191

Required viewing for the people who believe they were missold a current account by stealth, and want to keep their pre-pay card.

(Will Sherwood-King) #192

@Jevs I would love to see this. I get a nice amount of money back thanks to this and would happily drop Natwest in favour of Monzo if they offered the same/similar

(Jack) #193

Something like what Lloyd’s bank offer. “Everyday rewards” without having to activate them would be nice.

They often have a good selection. Currently 10% back at Morrison’s, harvester, spar. 5% at subway and national express etc.

(Joe) #194

Got to love cashback. I really like using Monzo but I also missed the benefits of getting 1% cashback on spend from my Capital One credit card, so now I’m using the Curve card which gives me 1.5% cashback from several retailers and I have that linked to my Monzo account so I have the best of both worlds. However Curve doesn’t have android pay whereas Monzo does so if I could get the cashback directly by using my Monzo card, that would be great!

(Alex Sherwood) #195

Tail’s just launched their solution to enable retailers to set up their rewards for users, this could be similar approach to the one that Monzo takes.


Looks like Tail will work well enough. I just linked it to my Starling account through their app. Unfortunately there are no offers outside of London, so I’ve removed it for now.

(Trevor Mitchell) #197

It’s all about London … :joy::joy:


Off-topic but what’s that wallpaper on the iOS mock-up?

(Richard) #199

This would be a great inclusion to Monzo, being able to get cashback on everyday items, I’m imagining supermarkets\dept stores\ major online retailers etc. Then more niche partnerships. Be interesting to see what would be the first avenues to be tapped

(Tim Banting) #200

Perhaps team up with Yoyo wallet?


Not sure if this idea has already been mentioned, but it would be good if you could select the cashback to go to a jar instead of your main balance. Have it go straight to your coin jar for example.

(Steve Light) #202

I love this idea as I’m a big cashback fan! I use Complete Savings and Top Cashback and I echo the sentiment that I’d love this feature integrated inside the Monzo App.

Have you considered the ‘flip-side’ of cashback? Offering discounts at certain shops / restaurants when you use Monzo, how flipping cool would that be?

Who agrees?

(Tim Banting) #203

So long as it’s a high Street chain. Not everyone loves in London!


Yep, some love elsewhere!

(Steve Light) #205

Totally agree @TimBanting, Chains are a good idea. There could also be local ambassadors that help find independent shops in your local area, encouraging local trade too.

(Leon) #206

London is the de facto capital city so of course it should be prominent. Over 7 million people live there. So obviously if you want to offer your product to the most people* then you would do it where there is the most people to take advantage.

*The most people in one place. I thought it was obvious but you know.

(Leon) #207

No as it would discriminate against those who don’t use whatever stores are in the offer. Keep it simple and maybe have changing offers or just cashback on normal spearing.