Cash Withdrawals

£200.00 per month!!!
I like to withdraw £1000.00 a week, How far can a person let alone a family £200.00 (Lunch) I know pay with card.

BUT, IF I don’t want to,
East Asian markets with pricey tags on Silver plates (as an example) prefer cash, We all know that.
A whole host of things NEED Fiat, I realise to much ‘pre-sold’ cash is an exposure to ‘Monzo’s’ exchange rates.

BUT, £200.00 every THIRTY DAYS.

If you’re the sort of person who pays for lots of things in cash then Monzo probably isn’t the main bank for you.
I’d stick with a legacy bank for your cash withdraws and then keep Monzo for your card spending to get the best of both.

The last time I lifted any money was about 2 months ago. As far as Monzo users go, you are in the minority.


If you need to withdraw that much abroad, maybe look at starling or
Offers fee free withdrawals abroad and just set up a direct debit to pay off balance.


You can withdraw more than £200, you’ll just have to pay.


You can withdraw as much as you like in a month. The £200 isn’t a limit.


@Instramental1, welcome to the community.

It’s not entirely clear if your post is only referring to cash withdrawals whilst abroad.

To be clear, the normal withdrawal limits are £400 per day and £5500 per month. These can be temporarily raised if needed.

As has already been mentioned, the £200 is referring to fee free withdrawals abroad but you can take out more when abroad and pay a fee. All domestic cash withdrawals are fee free.


Most of us here find that we prefer to use the Monzo debit card rather than using cash - especially as it has no international transaction fees (assuming you’re talking about overseas usage), so the limit tends not to be too much of an issue.
That said, if you constantly need access to larger amounts of cash, your best bet is to consider a bank that allows for the withdrawals you need.

Many thanks for you helpful reply, In fact it’s the answer I wanted to hear.

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Thanks for your input, It’s best I stay with ‘Revolut’ Similar to ‘Monzo’ But with added Cryptocurrencies, 150 + different currencies. Similar T’s n C’s.
But far more capabilities.

The main difference to be aware of here is Revolut is not a bank and so your money is not protected by FSCS. Monzo is a bank and so FSCS protection does apply.


So how are those fees that Revolut charge working out for you on your £1,000 per week ATM requirement?



Until they screw you over by not letting you have your money. If you search “Revolut holding money” there are alot of threads on Google about it.

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