Can you have Monzo without google apps on Android?

Hi, I have a custom ROM on my mobile and you can install it without any Google, however can you get the .apk for Monzo without having to have google spyware all over my mobile? If you can get your hands on the .apk safely, will it run on the phone without all things Goggle?

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It won’t install any google related apps but the app does use google apis for mapping etc so you wouldn’t be google free

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There’s so many things wrong with this :smile:

If you’ve decided to use an android phone your using google “spyware”, there’s not really any getting around that.

As for the app, i wonder if banks still have the options of absolving responsibility if your careless with your data? That would probably apply here.

The safe place to obtain the Monzo app for android is the Google play store.


I’m willing to send you an APK with the Monzo app - just ignore the stuff that pops up about microphone, camera, photo library access etc :rofl::innocent:

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I’d suggest switching to iOS :smiley:


the monzo app uses some Google APIs so it won’t work without gaps , I don’t think monzo has any plans on changing this.

You can use androidOS with any Google framework, but obviously you don’t get any of the Google play services etc.

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I’m surprised Monzo allow the app to run on any old custom ROM.

This is useful if you get your phone in places that don’t include Google services.

Think of devices from China, they’re not “custom” roms but they don’t include Google services.

While this is technically correct most of what a normal person would view as “androidOS” is in fact Google services

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Check out the MicroG project, and the safest place to get the Monzo APK (other than the Play Store) is on APK Mirror.

The MicroG project is:

A free-as-in-freedom re-implementation of Google’s proprietary Android user space apps and libraries.

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