Can I make Monzo our main joint account right now?

So we’ve opened our Monzo Joint Account, and I’m ready to switch! First direct account can be closed and I’m happy to move across.

But, as Monzo opened this as a ‘test’ with a warning that the card design isn’t ready yet etc, is this a wise idea to move?

Is my money safe there is the question?

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Yes. Monzo is a fully authorised / regulated bank with FSCS protection.

More widely, the joint account is still being rolled out, so some things might not work quite as expected, might be missing or might change.

So basically: money safe, improvements incoming!


The money etc. will be safe…

Testing means not all features are there yet… So CASS won’t work, Pots aren’t available yet…



If you do decide to move your feedback and recommendations would be most appreciated and could go a long way in making things better for others


Some people advocate not closing legacy accounts.
Keeping them open allows you to do some stuff like deposit cheques and cash to a branch, which may be important to you.

But for day to day use Monzo is very effective and your money is safe there up to £70000 or £80000 I can’t quite remember.

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As of me posting this, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme covers your eligible deposits in Monzo up to £85,000 per person.

You can find out more on our website. :point_down:


It would be nice if we could have a new spending category called ‘transfer’ and opt to exclude this from the summary by default if we choose :slight_smile: