Business tax pots

Hello all, first time posting here. Apologies if this feature has been discussed before.

I’m self employed and use Monzo as my business account, and have been happy with the service.

I bill my clients by monthly invoice, and each time an invoice is paid I set aside VAT, and then calculate how much to set aside for 19% (for now) corporation tax. I set these amounts aside in pots in my account.

When I heard that Monzo included a “Tax pot” feature I was excited as this would automate this for me. However I have found the feature to be unfit for purpose. Firstly, I pay two forms of tax (VAT and Corp tax), so being limited to a single tax pot isn’t helpful. Secondly, setting aside a single percentage per invoice would only work if I didn’t charge VAT.

Instead what I would need to do is either have the Monzo app know the amount of my invoice before and after VAT (perhaps better integrating with FreeAgent) or to be able to calculate the reverse VAT by diving the invoice amount by 1.2, then setting this aside for VAT and calculating the corporation tax due on the pre-VAT amount.

I can’t be the only business who charges VAT on invoices and wishes to set aside the correct amounts. I’d be keen to see if Monzo are looking at improving the Tax pot feature.


I have exactly the same problem. Plus, although I set aside the full VAT amount, I calculate the 19% Corporation Tax then subtract a fixed amount which is 1/12 of the fixed costs I know will reduce my CT liability (salary, pension contributions, memberships, accountancy etc.).

Have a +1.

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Me too!

Having a VAT and a TAX pot would be SO useful.

Same issue here! Not only tax, but would also be useful to have generic percentage pots to just divide up any income for any purpose, saving, income tax, corporation tax, VAT.

Just having to fiddle around each time a payment comes in can be irritating. How great would life be if we just knew what was in the main account was safe to use?