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Do they do overdrafts?


Yeah, I was put off by that.

Does that Netherlands have a culture of paying for banking, I wonder? :thinking: :netherlands:

(Andy) #23

Bunq is a scam.

No other way to describe it.

I have reviewed the account. It is not clear you are signing up for a premium service when you order the card. They get around this making the first month a trial period.

I actually have an invoice for the card which was invoiced at €0.00.

The premium invoice was sent via an in app message several days later.

They refuse to refund the amount because I made use of “premium features.” The only premium feature I used is their bank card, which I was invoiced at €0.00.



I agree, It’s completely not clear it will cost. I did, however, cancel the premium account straight away, after ordering the card, never intending to use it until I needed it.

Foolishly I put the activation code in though, which restarted the premium account!

Bunq is good, I suppose, if you spend a load of time on the continent but I would guess for the average UK user, the monthly fee far outweighs the benefits. Shame, because the app is genuinely great and there are some great ideas

(Ben ) #25

Yeah I love the concept of Bunq, and have just signed up and ordered a card.

The first time I realised there is a cost was following sign up, the app shows “Visit Together”, (the Bunq community), with a recent post of “Is Bunq a Scam” (due to hidden pricing).

So will see during the first month. If I found this 2 years ago I’d be all over it as I used to go to the Netherlands quite often - and didn’t have a Mastercard at the time either…

Do like the vertical card though - and the multiple accounts bit is intriguing.

(Ben Talbot) #26



I downloaded Bunq because I wanted to take a look at it, and I agree it does seem very scammy.

I’m not planning on putting any money in there, so god help them if they try and charge me. I want to close the account, but can’t because I apparently have ‘active cards’ on the account…


deactivate the cards and then close the account


if that is the case a Maestro card is a good option rather than Mastercard Debit due to it’s higher acceptance rate in the Netherlands

(Jelmer Vernooij) #31

I recently tried bunq as an alternative to my traditional Dutch bank account. The experience makes me appreciate Monzo’s unobtrusive and clear communication in comparison. bunq’s branding annoys me - if I wanted to spend my days looking at clip art i would just install a 90s era version of Microsoft Word.

Others have already mentioned the unclear pricing for the premium account. bunq also opts you into their (frequent) promotional e-mails, some of which can only be opted out of by contacting their support chat.

(Andy) #32

After many many emails and days of communications they finally reversed the charge.

I was gobsmacked at a bank that is meant to be regulated, refused to escalate my complaint after we had reached deadlock. We’re only talking €8. But I certainly would not trust them with large amounts of cash or serious banking as their support and complaints procedure is the worst I’ve come across.

(MikeF) #33

Their site publicity is all about ‘no surprises’ etc. I seem to remember. It doesn’t sound like they quite lived up to that then. :thinking:


There has been a lot of chat on their forum about the problems with the Premium trial month, so they must be looking at this generally.
It’s actually a very generous trial, because they let you keep any accounts you have created during the trial month.

(Valeri) #35

Exciting times, huh

TranswerWise seems to be looking for dominance over challenger banks


This should make the bunq card a bit more attractive to UK users


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It won’t because of the 7.99€ fee. I’m not in euro countries enough to bother with that. I’ll just take cash out over maintain an account with them, as I’m sure most people in the UK would.


I said “a bit more” :wink:
They’ve said explicitly they’re not trying for UK customers anyway, which is a shame


Pretty sure having a card doesn’t require payment in most euro countries besides Germany


PM me with a phone number if you want to get 10 Euro signup bonus the first time you use the card.

Remember, first month you get premium for free - just remember to cancel before the end of the month, if you don’t want premium…


Bunq is getting Pots and roundups