Build your own packaged account! (Experimental forum game)

Hey Monzo Community!

Are you ready for an exciting and interactive game? Today, I bring you a thrilling challenge called “Create Your Perfect Monzo Account!” In this game, you have the chance to build your dream Monzo account by choosing from a list of amazing features. The goal is to select the features that resonate with you the most and create the ultimate account that suits your preferences.

To add a bit of spice to the game, we’re introducing a points system. Each feature will be grouped based on the corresponding points it carries. Your task is to create your ideal Monzo account while staying within a specific total number of points.

Here’s the list of features, grouped by their corresponding points:

1 Point Options:

  • 1% cashback (£5 max cashback)
  • Manual “connected” accounts

2 Points Options:

  • 3% cashback (£5 max cashback)
  • 5% on roundups
  • Single-use virtual cards
  • Native savings challenges (no IFTTT)
  • Purchase protection
  • Flex credit card purchases
  • See your property value in Monzo
  • Future payments/balance forecaster
  • 4% savings account
  • Automatic salary sorter
  • Net worth tracker

3 Points Options:

  • Weekly coffee (Greggs or Nero)
  • 5% cashback (£5 max cashback)
  • Connected accounts
  • Automatic get paid early
  • Free Railcard
  • Free airport lounge access (4x/year)
  • Flex credit card purchases
  • 6-month interest-free Flex
  • easyJet benefits (1x cabin baggage, reserved seat, priority boarding: up to 4 flights a year)
  • Bills pots with 3.4% interest

4 Points Options:

  • Netflix subscription
  • Amazon Prime subscription
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Personal mobile insurance
  • Credit tracking from all three CRAs

5 Points Options:

  • Spotify subscription
  • Apple Music subscription
  • Disney+ subscription
  • VPN subscription
  • Personal Breakdown cover (UK and Europe)

6 Points options:

  • Family travel insurance
  • Family mobile insurance
  • Family breakdown cover (UK and Europe)

Your challenge is to create your dream Monzo account while staying within a total of 20 points. Select the features that excite you the most and ensure their total points do not exceed 20.

So, let’s dive in! Share your dream Monzo account with us, ensuring your total points do not exceed 20. Remember to have fun and strategize your choices wisely!

Note: This game is purely for entertainment purposes and is not officially affiliated with Monzo.

Happy gaming, Monzo Community!

Courtesy of ChatGPT. Credit for allocation of points values and the game goes (largely) to our AI overlord. But let’s play anyway.


Peter you’re insatiable and I love it.


(I might have outsourced this to the robots)


You gotta take positive comments on this forum when you can get ‘em Peter!

Anywho, to your question:

Spotify 5 points
Personal travel insurance (4)
Personal phone insurance (4)
3% cash back (2)
Bills pot 3.4% cash back (3)
4% savings account (2)

I would pay in the region of £20/month for this.


The options I’ve gone with will work best for me at this current time, Amazon is a must as that’ll instantly save £7.99

  • Amazon Prime subscription (4)
  • 4% Savings (2)
  • 5% on Round ups (2)
  • Purchase protection (2)
  • Single use virtual (2)
  • 3% Cashback (2)
  • Railcard (3)

17 Points total

I would swap the railcard for mobile insurance but most of the time AppleCare is unbeatable.


To satisfy our AI overlords, my package would be:

  • Manual “connected” accounts (1)
  • 5pc on roundups (2)
  • See your property value in Monzo (2)
  • Future payments/balance forecaster (2)
  • 4pc savings account (2)
  • Automatic salary sorter (2)
  • Net worth tracker (2)
  • Automatic get paid early (3)
  • Bills pots with 3.4pc interest (3)
  • 1pc cashback (1)

Mostly software features. Weird.

(I’d pay extra for phone insurance or if Spotify ended up as less than the 9.99 I’m paying for Premium)

  • Amazon Prime Subscription (4 Points)
  • Weekly Coffee (3 Points)
  • 6-Month Interest-free Flex (3 Points)
  • 4% Savings account (2 Points)
  • Automatic Salary Sorter (2 Points)
  • Future Payments/Balance Forecaster (2 Points)
  • Purchase Protection (2 Points)
  • 3% Cashback (2 Points)

20 Points.


Argh. Want.

The robot plays a harsh game.


Netflix subscription (4)
Native savings challenges (2)
Purchase protection (2)
Net worth tracker (2)
4% savings account (2)
Free airport lounge access (3)
Free Railcard (3)
5% on roundups (2)

  • 1% cashback (£5 max cashback) = 1 *
  • 3% cashback (£5 max cashback) = 2 *
  • 5% cashback (£5 max cashback) = 3 *
  • Automatic get paid early = 3
  • Bills pots with 3.4% interest = 3
  • Amazon Prime subscription = 4 **
  • 6-month interest-free Flex = 4

*I’m obviously trying to play the system with 9% cashback, although up to £15 might not be worth it long term as the 1% cashback with Chase is only to £15. If it didn’t stack, then my play wouldn’t work.
**Would be well worth it if Amazon Prime Delivery. If just Prime Video, erm… not.


Spotify Subscription
Amazon Prime Subscription
Airport Lounge
Interest Free Flex
Bills Pots with interest
4% savings account


1% cashback (1)
5% on roundups (2)
Single use virtual card (2)
Purchase protection (assuming extended warranty, not insurance!) (2)
Balance forecaster (2)
Automatic Salary sorter (2)
Connected accounts (3)
Automatic get paid early (3)
Bills pots with 3.4% (3)

That’s 20. I’d pay a fiver for it. Assuming I retain what already exists with plus too. Like the other virtual cards, the overarching interest, better/no fees for fee things etc.

Is both 2 and 3 point option

  • family travel and phone insurance
  • Apple Music subscription
  • Airport lounge access

20 points.

Though, none of this until Monzo sorted out it’s less than consistant and poor CS experience


shakes a fist at the robot

Here goes, though not easy:

  • Manual “connected” accounts (1)
  • 3% cashback (£5 max cashback) (2)
  • Single-use virtual cards (2)
  • Native savings challenges (no IFTTT) (2)
  • See your property value in Monzo (2)
  • Net worth tracker (2)
  • Connected accounts (3)
  • 6-month interest-free Flex (3)
  • Bills pots with 3.4% interest (3)

Probably change my mind later. Does robot allow that!


How would this even work? Would Monzo send round 1-3 estate agents a month to give you an accurate valuation? Otherwise it could be waaaaaaay off, especially if it’s a paid feature.

Also I thought we decided in Plusv1 that pick’n’mix a good packaged account does not make. Everyone will have wildly different ideas of what they need and it doesn’t lead to economies of scale.

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I’m pretty sure Zoopla has an API. Choose your property and they will return a figure.

It’s never gonna be perfect, but it beats me doing it manually.

I didn’t really want to reopen that argument. The point is to have a bit of fun and to see what folk prioritise. (In the unlikely event Monzo was looking at this for research, I’d have thought that it would be a starting point to see what folk gravitate towards, and the sort of combos they pick, rather than assuming that everyone wants a pick and mix).


I’ll play along later this morning but important question; what was the brief to ChatGPT

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