British Banking Awards 2018

It’s voting time again for the British Banking Awards. I don’t really know what they are, but Starling are keen we all go and vote:


Interesting that they can no longer use their forum to push this like last year.

We should create a new thread and push Monzo to win the award.


Make that thread!

I wonder, though, how much of an impact Starling’s forum had? There was, I think, a small number of active users, so I wonder about reach.

(I do like, though, that Monzo don’t push things like this. But I bet they’re still kicking themselves over the Money Saving Expert poll where they lost out by one vote.)

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Starling beating Monzo so far :scream:, get voting everyone!!

Doesn’t look like I can vote without signing up for yet another account; too bad. They could just ask for an email and send a confirmation link but no, they want more. So a middle finger is all they ended up getting.


I’ll be honest, I feel I might finally get tempted to try Starling properly, if deposits are free, just when my 12-months Starling account closure ‘ban’ expires on the 15th November.


Really annoying you fill I the review then it prompts you to sign up or in. I give it :fu::fu:


I hope no one minds, but I’ve gone and split this into a separate thread given it’s broader than Starling and all that!


Yep, a stupid dark pattern.

There also seems to be so much cancer in their signup form that my blocker blocked the entire thing:


I would’ve expected an email signup link to at least remain there but nope (or maybe there is just no way to signup with just email). :joy:


Doesn’t even seem to send an email to verify your vote.

Nice. What’s your email and I’ll use that :wink:

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This whole voting process seems… very broken.


The monzo app just feels like a generic android app, the starling app feels more professional

I disagree on that. I very much prefer apps that respect the platform’s conventions (and look “generic”) rather than ones that try to roll their own UI completely disregarding the platform’s design language.

Agreed about functionality & reliability though, the Starling app is currently way ahead of Monzo on that front.

It’ll be interesting to see how easy it is to re-sign-up. Do keep us posted…:grin:


Recently opened a starling account myself last week out of curiosity.

Reasons being:
£0 fees for foreign withdrawals
£0 fees for cash deposits
More flexible goals/pots

Looking forward to giving a good try after payday

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Glad Monzo never contacts me asking me to spam for them.

Only the small-minded need a pat on the back every 5 minutes.


Hahaha boom!

I prefer monzo for my personal account, but unfortunately Starling doesn’t have any competitor in the business account arena yet.

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