So now that the UK has voted, sadly in my opinion, to leave the EU, what are the ramifications for banking? I would imagine that it shouldn’t greatly affect M_____, but with Sterling crashing through multiple floors, how is it going to affect us overseas? I wonder if someone slightly better versed in economics than I could elaborate?

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Suspect lots of random gyrations in the markets. Important that the Politicians and the Regulators are robust in the response and keep random hysterics out and focus on how to get to the next stage of stability and not make it a contagion. The issue is it plays into the politics of 201x which is all about secession, sectarianism and separation - which makes globalisation a challenge.

Will have impact on costs / pricing etc. etc.


Ya this has been on my mind as well. Now that the votes are in I’m wandering if it going to have any influence on mondo. Other banks said the would move their headquarters to Europe I’m aware so maybe mondo too? And would such a thing affect us mondo user?

I assume Mondo won’t, because it’s currently a UK only bank. I guess it’s the larger multinational ones which are more worried…