(Adam Hockley) #22

Something usefull would be good maybe apple pay :moneybag: previews or of current account :relieved:@hugo

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #23

Damn @hugo!! Those screenshots are looking amazing :smiley:

Looks like an incredible set of features are going to make it into the current accounts :slight_smile: Certainly cannot wait to try it out as soon as!

You know something’s good… when it display way more info than any ‘normal’ bank - yet somehow remains clean and uncluttered. The details in those screens looks highly relevant and I cannot wait to be able to set my months based on Payday! :smiley:

Keep up the awesome work :monzo: / Hugo :slight_smile:

(Yemi) #24

Looks great. Makes me wonder if you’re going to add ‘income’ as sub category. Would it not be a good idea to offer business accounts? Would it not be good to offer a product to fast growing entrepreneur/ freelancer market?

(Alex Sherwood) #25

It wouldn’t make sense for Monzo to offer business accounts, Tom explains why here -

Tide & Coconut are taking a similar approach to Monzo with services aimed at businesses & freelancers respectively.

(Hugo Cornejo) #26

WOW, I’m really glad guys you liked this update so much. Thanks a lot for the feedback! It seems we’re on the right path :slight_smile:

As @zancler said, this week we’ll share a few more nuggets, stay tuned.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #27

Keep 'em coming @hugo! :smiley: I think I speak for us all when I say we love these awesome sneak peeks!! :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #28

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(Joe Brockbank) #30

This looks AWESOME. Can’t wait!

(Kane Mulligan) #31

I’ve noticed the android app is a behind on features. I’m part of the app beta. Any chance these or similar features will be reaching android users anytime soon?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #32

This is a sneak peak of the Monzo current account :slight_smile: These features (from this thread) will be implemented for both Android and iOS once the current accounts launch ‘this summer’ :smiley:

The Android app is always catching up to iOS, check out the :monzo: blog & their Trello board :slight_smile:

(caitlin caprio) #33

Love the way it’s looking, and very excited to soon have a current account with monzo :smiley:
My first post here in the forum so forgive any blunders! (i’ve been creeping… haha)

I think I spotted some breakdown categories under expenses, which would be a welcome feature, and nesting them within categories so you can hide them is brilliant because too many subcategories and everything gets confused!

Could be interesting to be able to do set specific savings targets - ie having a ‘rainy day’ savings account that you aim to put X in every month, and then the possibility to set honey pots for aspirational stuff like new equipment ie: a new camera/laptop etc, put in the total price of the item and every time you put money towards it a ticker counts down to how close you are to your goal.

From a freelance perspective, it could be nice to perhaps consider sorting income from different clients, and integrating them with something like xero to match income and invoices - one for later down the line but noticed @hugo mentioned freelancers in the post :slight_smile:

keep on truckin’ guys, the app is looking awesome :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

(Dan Woodhouse) #34

This has probably already been mentioned, but when it comes to pay period will it be smart enough to work out when the period may be irregular.

What I mean is that I get paid on the 15th of every month, except when the 15th falls on a weekend and you are paid on the previous closest working day, or when it falls on a bank holiday when the same applies.

(Alejandro Fernández Haro) #35

The preview looks great! And I love the “COMMITED” section and the remaining days.
I have 2 questions though:

  1. @hugo mentioned you can set other periods different to a natural month. My payday is not a fixed number. It depends on working days. Like the last working day of the month or like the last working day before the 28th. Are you thinking about that possibility?
  2. Imagine I have a category named Household with a target equals my rent + other services at home, and I’m paying almost everything the 1st of the month. Will the target be orange/red the entire month or can the App count on that movement to be charged only once a month and, hence, say you are good on target?
    Thank you for your awesome work, guys!

(James Watkins) #36

Hi @hugo, with regards to the ‘Left to spend’ amount, will this take into account any committed spends that are due to be taken out in the remaining days of the month?

(Hugo Cornejo) #38

Yeah, ideally :slight_smile:

(Hugo Cornejo) #39

(Alex Sherwood) #40

Idle observation, the rings for the total monthly target would also work great on an Apple Watch, to match the activity rings display or as a complication :thinking:


(Hugo Cornejo) #41

Well spotted @alexs Just a shame Apple Watch “is not there” yet, let’s see if new OS improves things…

(Alex Sherwood) #42

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(Alex Sherwood) #49

This post seems like the best place to ask this question, from @jshrager .