Blockchain Beginners Intro to Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain Event Debrief 04/08/17

Synopsis: Bitcoin… Ethereum… Dash… Ripple… Everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies for one reason or another these days and now you can find out why!

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Angus Maidment

At this session Angus will introduce the concept of the blockchain using bitcoin as an example. We will learn about the basic mathematics which makes the technology work, and how it can be used in the real world as a currency.

Daniel Rafique

Daniel will be looking at the next steps of how to get involved in Cryptos. Topics he will cover, in no particular order, are;

  • How to get some coins
  • How to cash out
  • How to store them
  • Being your own bank
  • Ways to earn coin

Simon Vans-Colina

Simon is Monzo’s resident Blockchain fanboy and will be talking about other uses for blockchain, practical applications for outside of cryptocurrency.

This will give you a great insight into the scale of the blockchain and what it means for globalisation.

You can read the essay the video is based on here.


The thought of a private company like the Post Office getting involved fills me with dread. What they need is a national ID number/card on a Government not private database and use that for ID not some self generated key on a USB stick. Then Passport Office, DVLA, DVLNI, Tax Credits, National Insurance, PAYE, State Pensions etc can all use not only the same database but the same reference too. No more writing to 4 different HMRC offices to make sure they all note your change of address on their different systems, no driver number, NINO, Passport number, UIN, PAYE Ref, Tax Ref etc, just the one number. Sign documents, do banking, travel on public transport, all with one card. Sounds like something from the year 3000, but it is not. While Britain languishes like a third world country places like Estonia have reached this level of advancement already. You can vote online, parliament does their work on laptops, your tax and pension can be accessed from your internet banking, and when you log into your tax records you even see a nice family tree showing your kids and your parents. Don’t worry UK, we will get there eventually…give it another millenium!


Excited that Monzo are looking into blockchain tech. I started reading about Ethereum in January and was so excited and convinced about the potential that I decided to invest. I think we are literally on the precipice of a huge revolution of decentralisation and democratisation of the internet.


a very interesting presentation, i did not fully understand the potential for this tech before. i still dont completely understand it, but im sure as time goes on with more exposure and explanations it will become much clearer.

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Are there any news on the events like this recently? Wanted to take part.