Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023

I’m starting this a little early this year as it seems that retailers are starting their offers sooner too.

Same as last years topic, anyone found or heard of any good deals? :eyes: Anything you’re looking out for?

I’m in need of a new TV again this year so if anyone spots any let me know please :pray:


I need a new graphics card for my PC so looking for some savings on one of those

I’m looking to replace my Kindle Paperwhite :smirk:

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I’m hoping to avoid spending (almost) anything this year. Already bought a new phone the other month, and picked up a new SSD on Prime day.

But I say ‘almost’ because my SIM-only contract will finish, so I’ll be looking to see if there are any good deals in that area. Also - unless they’ve changed how it works - I’ll be letting my Letterboxd renew again with the price locked in a few Black Fridays ago.

If I hadn’t bought a phone I might have been looking for a decent NAS drive deal, but that’s probably out of my budget. And while some Anker bits and bobs may be handy, unless they’re the cheapest they’ve ever been, I can pick them up later down the line instead.

I have a list of things but honestly not expecting amazing deals. The wifi 6 router is the big one though so I can setup dns over HTTPS as the BT hub doesn’t let you set a custom dns.

Me too :slight_smile: Out of interest, do you put yours in a case?

I’ve just been using a pop socket on my current one and it’s great for one handed reading while lying down. I’m tempted to get a case if I get a new kindle but not sure if I’d be sacrificing some ergonomics.

I have just spent a large amount of money on a gaming PC for my partner (I’ll post the build over in the last bit of tech bought topic)

If I find out I would’ve saved a lot by waiting - I may need to take a little lie down :melting_face:

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I’m just hoping that the Harvey Nichols sale is good and has a few things at normal person price so that I can use my American Express credit…

EBay has a 20% off code on some merchants again. I used it a few weeks ago to get a Sonos Era 100 for under £200, and the one SL’s are just over £100 now with the discount which is great if you want to extend the Sonos coverage in your abode.

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Same. I always find HN to be more expensive than other places, probably why they can get away with the £50 credit x twice a year.

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Yeah exactly. One hit in the Black Friday sale and again in the January sale. To be fair, I ended up with some good quality clothing at a very reasonable price last year, so I’m hopeful there will be some good stuff this year.

I want to buy a little iPhone photo printer, probably Polaroid style. But there are so many! And the print prices vary so much.

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I would love a big GPU discount to beat my 6700xt :sob:

Oooh this is intriguing. Sounds like the kind of gadge I could be in the market for. If you buy one can you share?!

I looked at them and generally find the reviews very mixed. If I wanted instant photography I’d probably pick up an old Polaroid now that film for it is being produced again.

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When I first got it I had a case, but it made it a lot more difficult to read one handed in bed so I ditched it.

For the last 3 years I’ve not had any protection on it and although the plastic case is pretty scratched the screen itself is in good nick.

I think it depends where and how you read because I do most of my reading in bed, usually lying on my side so caseless works best.

My mum generally reads on the sofa on an evening, so uses two hands and is more than happy with a case on hers.

She also has the updated 2023 model with a much smaller bezel than on mine from 2019, so the case might potentially make it easier to use on the newer model if you’ve got fat fingers like me! :joy:

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I very much would be interested in a Pixel 8 and an iPad but not sure if I missed the deals for the pixel, it’s probably a bit too new.

I just got a 1200w electric heater for £23 on Amazon

I need it for a specific purpose

Electric Heater, Space Heater with 1200W/ 800W Heating Modes Portable Ceramic Plug in Heaters for Home Low Energy Adjustable Heater Tip-Over & Overheat Protection Room Bedroom Office : Home & Kitchen

It’s very small, but I need it to dry out a room

Google sent their Black Friday email earlier today.

You get £100 Google store credit if you buy a Pixel 8, plus £550 back with an eligible trade in.

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Me too, but I was looking specifically towards the Pocketbook Viva. They have been mired with delays though, so not sure when it’s coming out, if ever!