BitCoin deposits?

Since Monzo is a digital bank and modern and all. Why not possibly offer Bitcoin deposits alongside the bank transfer and cards. Maybe at a 5% rate extra due to the exchange rate and etc.

I think it would be a cool idea. I’ve tried to refer a friend but he only has Bitcoins(80 to be exact) but he’s unable to deposit the initial £100 and the future deposits.

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One thing I’d find particularly useful would be having the option to have Mondo instantly convert my real money to Bitcoin and send that to a specific address, so I don’t have to maintain both a Bitcoin wallet and a bank account separately.

In a way, it’d be similar to the existing excellent support for international currency payments.


sounds great , wonder whether british banks would allow bitcoin deposits ?

This is a brilliant idea. I’d love this added. Just imagine it, a British bank seamlessly integrating bitcoin with everything else. Wow.