Bill Splitting - Pending Request Inconsistencies

Hi, feel free to merge if this should be somewhere else, but the Bill Splitting thread in Making Monzo had 9 posts ever…

In the list of pending splits under the request tab, anything I haven’t paid very helpfully and unsurprisingly shows the amount I owe the splitter.

However, the pending splits where I am waiting for a ‘splittee’ to pay me back show +X.XX, where the amount is the entire transaction amount, and not how much is owed to me. This seems especially weird as that number is effectively useless in this list. It tells me nothing useful with regards to the split as it is not the amount of money I am waiting to get back unless I had bought something and requested the entire sum back, which is surely a big edge case compared to most splits.

I don’t know why this decision was made and would very much like to suggest that this number actually shows what I am owed, especially given I can easily see what I owe others for pending splits sent to me.

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Completely agree.

I gave the same feedback here:

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Here’s hoping it changes :crossed_fingers:

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