Bill splitting improvements


Recently 7 friends and I went away on holiday together, and regularly commented on how much we enjoyed splitting lunch, dinner, coffees etc with Monzo and being completely cashless, but found some aspects of it a bit frustrating.

Here’s a list, with a few little ideas to solve them…

  • We took it turns to pay, and then split. This led to everyone owing everyone at some point, and keeping track of who I owed and who owed me was tough as the only place you can see this is on an individual transaction. A summary of all outstanding bill splits, owed and owing, would be great.

  • Bills are split in pounds only. When paying in euros (as we were) we had to convert each persons share into pounds. Splitting in the currency you paid in would save lots of time.

  • One of us split a bill wrongly, but you can’t recall or change a split. Even after everyone declined the bill you can’t resubmit a new split. We sorted this by requesting the money back in the normal way. The ability to recall or change a split would be useful.

Anyone else found these problems or have better ways round? We loved splitting everything but a couple of tiny improvements would make managing lots of splits much better.

(Paul) #2

Have you tried a Shared Tab instead? Works like split the bill but for multiple transactions and may suit you better in this instance.


Completely agree that the ability to request a split in a foreign currency would be really useful and there really does need to be a way of amending a Bill Split.


We haven’t tried Shared Tabs (we’ve used the regular Bill Splitting by force of habit!) but it looks like it would definitely solve my first point, which is great.

It would also be good if everyone could see the receipt/note attach to a split transaction, as the merchant name is often not informative. I’ve seen it mentioned in other threads so hopefully it’s up for consideration.