🔜 Bill Pots (previously Committed Spending Pot)

This would definitely encourage me to leave my legacy bank and go full-monzo. I use my legacy account to keep the money I know I need for bills in and they are DD’d from there, if Monzo could lock this away in a commited pot and automatically take bills out of there I’d go full monzo in a heartbeat.


Just adding my vote here. Not being able to smartly/automatically separate my “bills spending” from “day-to-day” spending is the only reason I haven’t gone full Monzo.

At Metro (my legacy), I have two current accounts. My pay goes into one, and that’s where all my DDs come out of. I then transfer my weekly spending to my second current account - this account is now empty as, instead, I transfer to my Monzo account. But that means the bulk of cash and debit activity still happens at Metro rather than Monzo.

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Committed spending pots would definatly make me make the switch from my natwest bank


+1 to that

I like to lock my rent away as I get paid on the last day of the month but my rent goes out on the 27th, so it sits in my account for the whole month.
So my summary tab is completely useless because it always looks like this. I think a committed spending pot would fix it, no?

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Have you manually set a budget for the whole month rather than it defaulting to the balance left in your account? Might solve the problem

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if it was me id look to see if I could change the date of the payment so I paid it as soon as I was paid.
then it’s gone. not impacting your budget or spending. and Monzo would help you better.


I don’t know if this would help, but a basic version of this that I’ve done is for my weekly lunch budget at work. I wanted to be able to use that as a committed spending, but instead I work out my budget for the month, like £5 day for example and put £150 in to a pot. I then just set an IFTTT action to give me £5 a day out of that pot. That way it kind of cancels itself out every day so my balance isn’t effected.

Would doing something like this work if you put all your DD committed spending into a pot and have it to pay you every time one comes out? I don’t know if there’s a way to set separate triggers for each day and the amount one gets paid?

Edit: a guess an easier way than lots of separate actions would be if you changed all your direct debits to the same day and had one trigger to take the money out of a pot on that day? It would be a faff to change all your DD’s though I suppose.

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I have done exactly the same as this regarding my lunch pot.

I have also set up ifttt rules so anything transport related gets reembursed from my transport pot.

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To all the people who are saying “But Summary tells you what you have left to spend,” I think I worded my initial post in the wrong way. Summary does tell you how much you have left to spend, but it doesn’t prevent the money from being spent by accident/if someone else got hold of your card (I know a lady whose Fortnite-addicted child emptied her account right after payday so he could play Fortnite). In the latter case, freezing your card is helpful, but not always a guaranteed thing as you can only freeze the card once you realise it’s gone and some people take longer than others or are simply away from their phone for long periods of time (e.g. some workplaces have a no smartphone policy)

Any news on this feature at all?


Personally don’t see any need for this at all, and I have all ways been rubbish with Money, better now with Monzo :wink:

Just schedule payments forms pots to account on the required days :wink:


Yeah I agree to a certain extent but some bill are not fixed amounts. EG.


I just have all my direct debits set to come out on the 1st of the month so it’s a few days after payday. Then whatever is left is mine to spend and split into various pots :blush:

Just a different approach to solve an issue :sunglasses:

All this is effectively is using a savings account (committed Spending) then current account for day to day use :joy:

Also with Bulb you can set the amount you want to pay via the app.
Landline calls hang up within the hour :joy:

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In case it helps, think this is already being tested internally with employees. Would be great to get this in labs!

Well yeah, the whole point of pots is that you dont need a bunch of accounts to keep your money separate.

Having a bills account is a common approach so a bills pot seems the obvious monzo solution

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Any chance we can bump the votes up on this? :grin:

Monzo have already said that this is coming so I don’t understand why we would need to vote for it? :confused:


We are becoming the Monzo House of Commons - voting for votings sake :rofl::rofl:

Might have to work out how we get indicative votes going on the forum…