✅ Bill Pots (previously Committed Spending Pot)

If being in this community has taught me anything it’s that everyone’s financial situation and account management is different. To claim that a popular requested feature is useless because “people can just change DD dates” shows a lack of understanding of this


My suggestion would be

Any expected card spending is done with budgets. MOT this month? Have an extra £50 or so on your transport budget

For card spending, use summary to see how much you have left to spend.

For bills, make sure you have enough in there to cover your budgets AND your bills.

Then ignore your balance, check spending against budget and the bills will take care of themselves

This isn’t a workaround, this is how its designed to work. Its the whole reason for summary and ‘left to spend’

I think if monzo put more effort into explaining this feature the desire for a committed spend pot would greatly reduce. Its effectively already there, people just don’t seem to be aware of it


I disagree, I have my budget of £500 for living, though I transfer in more than that on a monthly basis. Thus I check between my available balance as well as my summary - just using my summary wouldn’t be enough.

I think the most appealing part of this feature would be the safety it provides. It ring-fences your money so that, even in the case of an emergency when you go over budget, you can be safe in the knowledge that your bills are taken care of.


I’m really not sure what you’re disagreeing with. If anything you’re supporting my point that budget is good for focusing on what its ok to spend.

I didnt advocate mever looking at your balance, just that budget/summary is for monthly spend

Well, we couldn’t keep it a secret for too long! :blush:

Some of you might have noticed that our latest Android build contains some references in the code to setting payments from Pots :grinning:

We’re pleased to announce that we are moving forward with work on Bill Pots :raised_hands: :partying_face: :tada:

We’ll be sharing more info (and hopefully soon some screenshots) of how this will work over the next week or two.

I know we had some stumbles last year around the original staff MVP that we built for this, so we want to set some realistic expectations here. This isn’t ready for release just yet, but it’s getting closer. We’ll be sharing consistent updates here on the forum about it, and you can hold us to that :grinning: @JarnoWolf is the Product Manager for this, and we’ll be arranging for him to do a Q&A soon to discuss both this project as well as the “Get Paid Early” experiment which he’s also the PM for.

And one final thing. Although we have stated that voting on the forum isn’t necessarily indicative of what we will build, because there are so many other things to consider, it is still very much is a factor. The overwhelming amount of votes for this feature was absolutely a factor in us putting some priority into making this work (and in fact, screengrabs showing it as the top voted feature made it into last week’s Company All Hands meeting!) so for that we want to thank you all for participating, and making your votes count! :grinning:

More to come - watch this space!


Great news. Looking forward to seeing how this is implemented :slightly_smiling_face:

Bill Pots… hmmm I’m sure I met him once down the pub :beers:

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Please tell me this isn’t just Android :eyes:


I very much doubt it’s just an android thing. Sometimes the code ships on one platform a little bit before the other.
Also android builds are easier to tear down and see what’s being worked on inside unlike iOS.


Came expecting more comments about how people want this

Found something that brings joy


It’s not just Android! It’s just that you folks can easily look into the code of our Android builds and find what’s new :grinning:


Or her :wink: (see post below yours lol)


Thought so but I wanted to make sure!!


Very cool - nothing worse than forgetting a bill to come and overspending… I forget easily aha!

Can’t wait to see this moving forwards !

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Excellent. Many thanks for sharing this news. That’s brilliant.

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Brilliant to see Monzo forging ahead again with pioneering features like this. It truly seems an age since your last innovative feature.

Looking forward to this when it’s finished. Thank you Monzo!

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I think I’m going to cry :sob:


Please roll out to joint accounts as well as personal accounts.


Please roll out to joint accounts as well as personal accounts.

I think that’s the plan :+1: