BBC reporting on challenger banks

BBC’s traditionalist Business reporting not quite ‘getting it’. Well at least they have “heard” of Monzo:

Customer choice under threat at Britain’s banks -


What doesn’t the reporter get ?

Yeah, this doesn’t feel quite right. It confuses a number of different issues and, I think, under plays the disruptive threat that companies like Monzo pose.


I find it a useful report in most respects but I think he is conflating; on the one hand earlier post-crash traditional solutions such as demergers (TSB) plus corporate diversification (Virgin), and on the other the new approaches that are possible from the likes of Monzo.
Some reference to the apparent growing customer appetite for something better would have been a nice perspective to have included.


Monzo @simonb are you applying for any of this funding? :moneybag:

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It’s only for business bank accounts and I believe Monzo don’t have business accounts (please some one correct me if wrong)

Some is earmarked for business banking, but some is earmarked for switching…maybe that means incentives to use CASS?

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