Banking Licence - with restrictions - tick

(james_e_bell) #21

Congratulations Mondo!

(Colin Robinson) #22

Looking forward to moving my account to :mondo:

(Jonathon) #23

What does this mean exactly though, from a consumer view? Does it allow you to do anything different?

(Alex Sherwood) #24

And now, a post in the Financial Times (subscription required, although you can read x free stories per week) Mondo becomes the latest UK digital bank to gain a licence.

(Alex Sherwood) #25

The blog post is up We Are Now A Bank.

(Hassan Iqbal) #27

Congratulations!! Great News!

(Mark Edmonds) #28

Congratulations! :tada: I look forward to the coming months on hearing about the current account!

(Alex) #29

Awesome news! If you can replace my current current account before Feb I get £150! So i’ll buy you a round if you manage it! Haha! :beers:

(Andrew Ross) #30

Congratulations - another step closer!

(Adam Kendrew) #31

Awesome. Can’t wait to go full Mondo and make the switch in 2017!

(Terry) #32

Great news! I can’t wait to make the full switch :slight_smile: :balloon:

(Andrew Downing) #33

Congrats - a big achievement! Hopefully Mondo consider using the bank switching service… It would make all of our lives a lot easier when the time comes.

(Josh Bray) #34

This is an industry standard so I’d presume that mondo will do

(Tom ) #35

Congratulations all!

(Colin Robinson) #36

It’s in the Trello Roadmap :grinning:

(Tom Ryan-Elliott) #37

This is incredible!!! Well done team!!!

(Mike Benjamin) #38

Must feel good to think different eh? Well done to you all.


Amazing news :beers:

Love that it’s going forward earlier than expected !

(Morts Photography ) #40

Congratulations Mondo… Although I am not entirely sure exactly what it means from a customer perspective yet - but fingers crossed

(Josh Bray) #41

Atm. Nothing. But it gives them the ability to start working on developing a full current account