Are you ready for an electric car?

It looks like Milton Keynes to me. :rofl:

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Surely not, complete absence of either roundabouts or the fabled cows :rofl::rofl:

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I don’t think the charging cables are the cheapest to replace either… :moneybag: :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

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:male_detective: the cows are just out of shot. :cow2:


It’s been a long time coming but I finally have my beauty.

Dealer delivered it on Tuesday - had to keep 2 meters apart, he had gloves on and everything was sanitised but I’m just glad I managed to get it!


Excellent :+1:

Now sadly you may have to make do by just looking at it and reading the manual.

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Could always offer to do shopping for neighbours that are in isolation :wink:


Yeah for the time being it’s going to be sitting and I think I’ve just about read every page in the manual haha.

Great idea, free shopping deliveries from leafy :joy:

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Probably needs a new thread…

Are you ready for a hydrogen car?

Anyway just spotted BMW (and Toyota) working on a hydrogen X5 to debut in 2022. Guessing it might be closer to 2027 when you can order one…

Quite interesting to see the layout, going with dual tanks to take 6kg total and 3-4 minutes refuel.


By then we might actually have a nice second gen Hyundai Nexo and maybe more than five places to fill up…

By then the investment in EVs by manufacturers, vehicles and batteries. Will have been so great that the cost of an EV, including that by BMW will have been so great that the cost of an EV will surely have become such that any hydrogen car will be seen as a out of reach for many.

I’ve recently been looking to move to electric however like @PapaSmooth mentioned back in October it is the initial cost - mind you have been looking at Tesla’s.
My other, small issue is that some of the lower price models like the Leaf are in my opinion ugly, I currently have the Honda Civic 2016 gen which in my view looks great but I don’t want to just buy an electric car for the sake of it. If you then look at going half way (hybrid) most offer a really small range; ones I’ve seen have no more than 50 mile range which doesn’t then help to push and encourage the move to electric. I think most people would be happy to make the switch now on 2 points:

  1. Better and more competitive prices
  2. A range of at least 300-350 miles

Luckily, scrolling through Twitter the other day I did see that Tesla have opened up their patent as open source so that others can see how their technology was developed, here is their blog post for those that are interested

I hope once the COVID-19 blows over that businesses realise that most office workers can do the same job at home and we end up with far less cars on the road.

That should help the environment and give back many hours that are spent driving to another building to sit on a chair tapping on a keyboard, that you as long as you had the internet you could be the other side of the World and still do it.

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The model S is what I am looking at currently, even the basic and not with the extended range, however am tempted by the full autopilot feature (just like a gadget, don’t know if I would actually use it much).
However, it is the cost, I think like everything you need to:
A) Save damn hard
B) Pay rise, pay rise, pay rise - would make it easier to afford.

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If you work employed worth seeing if your company has a salary sacrifice scheme.

I’ve found out ours doesn’t but is planning to set it up, or was back in Feb before it all kicked off. I’m going to enquire again when things have calmed down.

So leasing a Tesla on gross salary before you have tax and NI taken off saves a huge amount monthly as BIK is now 0% on EVs.

I don’t understand the salary sacrifice and BIK thingy…

So if my work does salary sacrifice, according to this calculator I can have a Model 3 for £154 per month? :slightly_frowning_face:

That might be so, depends largely on your marginal rate of tax for the most beneficial arrangement.
More important today is job security and the ability to maintain our present standard of living.
I think that in twelve months times many of us will view these schemes in a very different way.

So why aren’t all employers doing this if all they have to do is recalculate your salary and payslips which is probably automated through some software anyway :confused:

I know mine does the cycle to work scheme where they get you a new bike and all the equipment through salary sacrifice. I really need to look into this :thinking: I’ve always wanted a Tesla.

My Renault Zoe arrived last week. Hardly had a chance to drive it, but really loving it so far. It’s nippy and has great handling. So easy to drive.

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Employer commitment?
What happens to the car if you leave your current job, are made redundant, become sick or fired?

This is surely a consideration for the employer, i.e. does it lock you into a ‘guaranteed’ job for 3,4,5 years because of the car? Am I missing something other than the obvious if you part ways; is the car simply taken back from you and you pay no more? In which case, there’s nothing to lose.
Or is the car ‘ownership/lease/PCP/rental’ transferred between employers if you switch employment?

I have also considered presenting the sacrifice scheme to my employer, but need to consider the potentially expensive personal downside(s) first