Apple TV+

OMG! I didn’t realise they were making a Season 2!

Loved the First Season.

I wonder if there’s so much coming out from Apple TV now because these were all the shows delayed because of Covid. So, they’re all finishing post-production at roughly the same time?



Good to see, I really am enjoying the show!

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Today’s episode :exploding_head:

I’ll be really sad to see Servant go after next week, but very happy with the whole thing and the arc the plot and characters took.


It was great. Hoping that the end is satisfying!

What an episode. Really enjoyed it. Some of those scene shots were fantastic. The silhouette of Leanne and Jericho walking the corridor to the bathroom was so good.

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I also loved what they did with the camera in the car and the transitions between past and present Dottie.

Lauren Ambrose has been fantastic throughout this series.

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All this talk is making me tempted to watch it now but the cover art put me off when it started.
What’s the basic tldr for the spouse?

Couple lose child, wife goes catatonic, husband gets lifelike doll to snap wife out of it. Wife believes it’s real child, they hire a nanny, inexplicable things start happening and stuff escalates.


See that sounds much better then the cover art although the typo in the push notification was even more interesting :rofl: “couple loose child”
Images of a primitive cave child escaping came to mind.

You can thank Apple absolutely fucking autocorrect in the last couple of years for that! :upside_down_face:

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Yeh another brilliant scene

Still winds me up that it’s exclusive to BBC in the U.K. since it’s a shared production. Why can’t it be on both services at once?

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So watching Servant, Dorothy is driving me nuts! I am on episode 6 with the uncle and the whole crib thing happened and I nearly wanted to shout at the tv with the excuses she made for him!
But… I am liking it since its so weird.


Finished watching this tonight. Excellent viewing!

+1 I can’t stand Ted Lasso

Last ever episode of Servant today. Can’t wait to watch it later.

It’s been great, I really, really enjoyed it. Might be a strange comparison but it reminds me of The Young Pope in terms of being a bit like marmite but also being super well-made and artistic.


Extrapolations. Cheery. Very good. Humans are fucked though. When the walrus flattened the wanker I smiled.

I know it was mentioned earlier in the thread, but just finished Bad Sisters. Very good to watch, and I see there will be a second season. Will be interesting to see what direction they might take it in.


Prehistoric Planet is back for a second season on May 22nd.