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Tetris is a brilliant film. Not many keep my attention throughout these days, but this did.

And Nintendo are the heroes, so even better.


I’m looking forward to watching Tetris - a story I don’t know very much about at all, so even though I know it will be dramatised it’ll be good to discover more.


I have a the family bundle so won’t work for me, but two months free here. Says it’s valid for new & returning subscribers.


My Subscription ends in May, so I’ll hop on this when it ends :heart: Thanks!

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And now we have a trailer!

The first one was amazing. Can’t wait for the second.

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Very excited to see this. Looking forward to seeing what species of dinosaur I had no idea existed :sauropod:

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Ghosted is a really good film. I think Avengers fans will especially appreciate some surprise moments in there.

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I was going to watch Ghosted but was put off by this review:

Having said that, while trying to find that review again I saw another Guardian article including it in their 7 best films to watch this week! So I might give it a go.

I wouldn’t put much faith in The Guardian’s reviews honestly. There’s a clear anti-Apple bias undertone behind them.

I don’t think they’ve ever reviewed something above a 3 star unless they went back and changed it after something became a hit like they did with Ted Lasso and The Morning Show. Here’s the original 2-star review for Ted Lasso for instance, before they published others and for subsequent seasons, rating it 5 or 4 stars.

I think it’s a fun film that’s very easy to enjoy. Not gonna win any Oscars but it’s not trying to.

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The Guardian have awful reviews. I don’t know what it is but I never ever read or trust them now.


One thing I would say about Guardian (and indeed, any newspaper) reviews is - look at the reviewer, not the platform.

I can think of a number of instances where the Guardian has published more than one review of a film and the ratings have been diametrically opposed.

(This is also part of why a seven-day preview can highlight films and programmes that have reviewed badly, though another part there is the people writing the highlights won’t always have actually seen what they’re highlighting as they’re going off promo pushes etc)


Thanks, both. Just noticed that both of those reviews are by the same person, too!

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Not fully up to speed with this thread but has anyone been watching Hello Tomorrow?

Discovered it last week - hadn’t seen or heard anything about it but thoroughly enjoying.

It’s got 50’s space race aesthetic to it

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I’ve heard good things about it from friends but haven’t personally tried it.

I’m looking forward to starting The last thing he told me soon.

Haven’t watched it, but it is in my list of things to get to!

New trailer for Prehistoric Planet 2


Silo has a pretty good first episode. Premise is very intriguing.

BUT! I fear like with Invasion and Sam Niell, we’ve been hoodwinked over Rebecca Furgeson’s involvement.

She’s the big star. Middle of the poster. But credited last and wasn’t in the first episode at all besides a small cameo at the end.

I’ve been looking forward to this. I recall reading a short story many decades ago with (I think) a very similar premise. The people lived underground while a war was being waged on the surface by robots.

Watched the second episode. Fear was unfounded. Not only does she indeed appear to be the star with episode one acting more of a prelude to set it all up, but she’s fantastic in it.

This show is gonna be a good one. I’ve already bought into the intrigue and am hooked. Can’t wait for episode 3.

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I am so stoked for this…

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