Apple TV+

Comedy, yes. Definitely worth a read. Sardonic is the word which comes to mind.

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Also, as Apple release their episodic TV shows in weekly episodes, you might want to wait until after Foundation has been fully released before starting your trial to make sure you’ve got the option to watch it all before the trail is over.


I was out a-wandering in Richmond today, so I had to get a photo of Ted’s local!

Also, the place next door with a name that put me in mind of The Simpsons :joy:


:loudspeaker: This is a public service announcement:

:rotating_light: If you have a PS5 you can get six months free Apple TV+ :rotating_light:

That will be all.




And it’s available for people who already have a subscription, brilliant :+1:


Loved the latest episode of Ted Lasso! Nice shift of perspective! Beard is under appreciated! And nice to see the hooligans get some good screen time and character building! Really humanises them!

Morning Show season 2 Premier today! Haven’t watched that one yet though, but looking forward to it tomorrow night!

Haven’t managed to keep up with See with eveything else so I’m a few episodes behind now, but will catch up, as I loved the season 2 premier, and the premise set in the first episode. Fleshed out the world quite a bit.

Been keeping up with Truth Be Told, though haven’t seen this week’s episode yet. Will watch it over the weekend! Enjoying this season much more than the first though.

Foundation next week though guys! Cant’t wait! Probably will favour that over Ted Lasso for that week for Friday night viewing!


See I really didn’t like the latest episode of Ted Lasso.

I get all the references but it just seemed way too surreal. I thought it was all a suicidal fever dream until he wears the trousers at the end, so it was all real?

It was nice ‘art’, but definitely a filler episode.

A rare bit of missed product placement in that he’d have been fine on the bus if he’d been wearing an Apple Watch, he could have touched in with Express Mode even though he’d lost his phone…

Thought it was a shroom trip. Something that was referenced in a previous episode. So real-ish, but quite exaggerated and trippy.

That’s a good shout, he mentioned shroom tea didn’t he. But that was a while ago and accidental?

Watched the first ep of season 2 of the morning show last night. Loved it, but very strange watching a hopeful New Years into 2020……


Maybe there should be a Ted Lasso thread, or just comments in spoilers for those who are interested in Apple TV+ stuff but haven’t caught up with Ted Lasso… I don’t want to spoil the fun though


Yep! Something I’ve noticed with this show is that throwaway lines aren’t always throwaway, and can be potentially important plot points later on.

I rewatched the entire season 1 a few weeks ago and the rebecca/sam plot was hinted at way back in an early episode of season 1 from a seemingly throwaway comment.

I agree with this. And have been thinking it!

Watched it this morning!

Billy Crudup is a joy to watch in this show.

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As is Anniston. This season of The Morning Show really hit the ground running.

I had some concerns, as Season 1, along with Seasons 1 & 2 of For All Mankind took a few episodes to really find their feet- I was worried for nothing, clearly!

Foundation next Friday!

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