Apple Far Out Event

More like a very expensive iPod!

My AirPods Pro 2 have been paid for and are now preparing for shipping. Just the week to hysterically check for updates to go now!


I’d love to try the AirPods Pro 2 before commuting to them to see how they are vs my AirPods Pro

Unfortunately with those in ear types you’re unable to do that

You can try them at an Apple Store.

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Can you? I thought you couldn’t, as sharing those types of in ear pods was a health and safety risk as it can cause ear infections

Unless they fully sanitised between uses?

Surely the tips can easily be changed and it’s fine?

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I went in a tried the AirPod Pros before I bought them. No issues at all.


They’ve always allowed you to. I think the only pause was during Covid.


I was at the apple store getting my battery replaced on my current iPhone and I spoke to two different geniuses who gave me different info

1st person - He basically told me buying a phone in the USA and using it here in the UK would be fine, plus it’s cheaper, the only thing would be the repairs. If there is a fault then they would have to order the USA model in to either replace or repair while still under warranty

2nd person - iPhone - Supported 5G and LTE networks - Apple (UK) showed me this URL and basically said that the iPhone models are different so better not buy it in the USA

Leaving me more confused than when I first went in there :smiley:

I think they are both right. The US phones are different but at the same time it’s perfectly fine to use a US phone here, just might not be optimal.

Oh okay gotcha, when you say not be optimal. Do you mean the 5G bands will not work or might not work as intended?

Oh I meant more about issues arising and them needing to ship in a US phone. Or even a network provider here not knowing how to troubleshoot something with an eSIM only phone (unlikely I’m guessing but just throwing ideas out).

The phone should work fine really. Plenty of Americans visit Europe and use their phones here. It’s been years since phones weren’t able to work in both regions.


One thing to bear in mind is that it’s eSim only and not every network in the U.K. supports eSim yet. That’s the only big difference I think


Yeah thankfully I am on o2 and they support it :raised_hands:t5:

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