App Upgrade: Top Up via Card

Today, it finally happened! :grin: I’ve got the upgraded bank account and app! I’ve only used it a little so far, but it all seems pretty awesome to me! Once again the Monzo team roll out an update that is basically flawless; a true testament to your perfectionism (Which I highly appreciate). I just miss one thing. The fact that I’m unable to top from my debit card anymore makes me a little sad :pensive: I know that I can do it straight from my bank account and as advertised it went through immediately! Just a little annoying to have to log into another banking app to send the money over every time. Any chance the nifty little feature could be added back?


It will be returning at some point, Josh :raised_hands:


Thanks @JoshSarge :grinning: No ETA yet on debit card top-ups, but it’ll be sooner rather than later :grinning:


Will Apple Pay top up be returning too? :blush:

Really glad to hear it will be coming back :slight_smile:

Is this made clear when users are asked to switch? There’s been a lot of people on this forum saying that they don’t want a current account, and they’ve been told they can use the current account exactly like the prepaid, including card top ups. I can imagine some people being annoyed if they upgrade only to find that that is in fact not true…

I haven’t seen a thread on here stating that card top-ups will be available on switch-over, just that they are coming back in the future.

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The First Rule of Apple Pay is “You Do Not Talk About Apple Pay” :no_mouth:

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There’s been a few people saying that it’d be ready by the time the CA is made generally available, eg:

But regardless, for those who essentially want to continue using the CA in the same way as the prepaid, losing that functionality would be annoying, and may turn them off. If there was a notice saying this functionality is not ready, but will be soon, then those people could delay upgrading till then, rather than upgrading only to find that their favourite feature is missing.

I didn’t mean using Apple Pay to pay for things, I meant Apple Pay top up our cards that was present with PP? Surely that isn’t under NDA?


@simonb Can you tell us if top up by Apple Pay will be returning? :stuck_out_tongue:

We mention it in a couple of places, but if people are confused or missing it then we can definitely be doing a better job!

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Top ups are back in business as detailed in this blog post: